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Brian Tracy – Audiobooks – Doubling Your Brainpower

Brian Tracy – Audiobooks – Doubling Your Brainpower

Do you wish you could think faster, remember more, comprehend new information quickly?
Now you can! By applying breakthrough scientific discoveries and logical insights into your mind, you can discover incredible mental powers that lie untapped in your brain.

Within the pages of this book is a proven step-by-step program – based upon easy-to-use, scientifically-based tools and techniques – that is guaranteed to double your brain power. These simple short-cuts to power thinking help unlock the hidden abilites of your mind and make your mental powers soar.

You’ll discover, for example, how these remarkable methods can help you… Instantly identify hidden meanings in people’s conversation Absorb facts like a sponge – and repeat them almost word for word years later Solve math, business, and financial problems in half the time it takes you today Zip through complicated reports with ease Evaluate information and put it to practical use immediately Read and comprehend a book in as little as 30 minutes Burn facts, figures, and even whole books, into your memory

And using twice as much of your brain doesn’t have to take twice as much effort. You simply learn how to use your brain more efficiently – producing double the results without using any more mental energy than before.

With “Double Your Brain Power,” you’ll see how to pass any mental challenge that’s thrown your way…how to have every fact you’ve learned right at your fingertips…and how to leap light years beyond others in your ability to comprehend and respond to every mental challenge.
salespage: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Double-Your-Brain-Power-Time/dp/0131867016
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