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Brian Tracy – Maximum Achievement Affirmation MP3

Brian Tracy – Maximum Achievement Affirmation MP3

“Relax and allow these subliminal messages and affirmations to go through your subconscious mind!”

According to whole brain research, you can learn subjects quite rapidly as a result of deep relaxation and music used in a systemized, organized process. Because of this, it is also possible for you to learn new belief systems using the same techniques and subliminal messages.

This program, Maximum Achievement Affirmation, includes the process of taped affirmations combines positive affirmations which combines positive affirmations with both music and relaxation. This makes it possible for your mind to accept the affirmations at an accelerated rate, resulting in your desired behavioral change, better stress management, and positive thinking.

Maximum Achievement Affirmation CD
This powerful affirmation CD includes 10 powerful affirmations with music. This taped affirmation is a process of progressive relaxation and stress management. You simply let yourself relax as I talk to your subconscious mind with subliminal messages to enhance your positive thinking.

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