BuddyAd Native

BuddyAd Native

#1 Widget-Based Spy Tool
with Native, Pop and Adult Widget/Site ID Finder since 2016



FE – BuddyAd Native – $1359/y

  • Native Spy Tool (widget based)
  • All the features that you would expect from a spy tool.. and more!
  • Widget IDs on Adult, Pop and Native Traffic
  • BuddyAd is the only tool that can match a widget or site ID with the relative publisher IF it is on our db. We are constantly scanning the web for more placements, as well as constantly adding more networks and geos to our platform.
  • Native Real Time Scan
  • Not sure that your native campaign is properly running? Monitor your campaign and check if your banners are running on a particular website or widget ID (if we have it on our database) using our Real Time Scan.
  • Get rid of bad placements.
  • Content Recommendation Networks display your ads on thousands of websites. BuddyAd lets you discover premium placements with great quality of traffic so that you can avoid having your ads running on poor websites.
  • We support BIG traffic sources..
  • and a few super-vertical ones!
  • At BuddyAd we believe in traffic. That’s why we included some of the major traffic sources and content recommendation networks out there including RevContent, Taboola, OutBrain, AdNow, Content.ad, MGID, Yahoo Gemini, ExoClick, PropellerAds, Reporo, Popcash and more.


GB Name: BuddyAd Native

Sale Page

GB Price: $1359

GB Cost: 94$/15 Peoples

Payment Here: https://getallcourse.com/product/buddyad-native/


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