Bullet-Proof Options – Controlled Leverage Investing Methods

Bullet-Proof Options – Controlled Leverage Investing Methods

Name Product: Bullet-Proof Options – Controlled Leverage Investing Methods
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Author: Dr. Scott Brown

Master secrets of controlled leverage investing. Use techniques employed by masters like Warren Buffet or George Soros.

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 7 lectures and 2 hours of content!
Discover the vast yet small differences between American puts and calls and their European style kissing cousins.
Map the span of puts and calls across stocks, futures and forex.
Fathom how new financial assets are created from other assets.
Master the concept of option premium so similar to insurance payments.
Measure the intrinsic value between the strike and underlying price.
Clarify complex jargon such as the exercise and strike which have the same meaning.
Learn to use position diagrams for deep economic intuition into option trading strategy.
Fully visualize the break-even point of any option transaction.
Use these keen insights to develop the put-call parity relationship.
Map out the valuation limits on both puts and calls.
Use the binomial model to solve any option valuation problem.
Correctly gauge how up and down underlying movements influence option valuation.
Use option delta as the ratio of the spread of possible premium values over share price possibilities.
Arrange valuation modeling within a risk-neutral universe.
Link the sigma volatility of underlying stock to option premium price.
Employ the binomial option pricing model of finance professors Cox, Ross, and Rubenstein.
Watch the binomial model converge to the Black-Scholes.
Calculate values and probabilities at each node of a binomial model.
Estimate the direct measure of rise in a stock.
Recall Euler’s number as equal to 2.71828.
Harness the ultra-precise power of continuous time mathematics to calculate the true value of your options.
Pull delta values from cumulative normal distribution tables of the Excel function NORMSDIST(d).
See how increasing the exercise price ramps up put value but hammers calls.
Map out each of the components and variable of the Black-Scholes pricing model.
See how far times to expiration are more costly but offer far more protection against adverse underlying share price movements.
Become wise as to the meaning of the log-normal distribution rightward skew and limited downside.
Learn to expect more extreme profitable movements than you would otherwise expect.
Calculate call values for employee stock options gifted to dirt bag CEOs and their crony crew.
Utilize the VIX to measure aggregate fluctuations in market wide implied volatility.
Recognize that there are at least five other option pricing variations in addition to the binomial and the Black-Scholes models for unique market situations.
Recognize your real option to wait.
Understand real options to expand.
View trimming down or abandoning as a real option for corporate managers.
See the ability to adjust or vary production and output as a valuable real option.
Recognize the value of a real option as the difference between project NPV with and without the option.
Use real options to re-value negative NPV projects with vast turnaround potential.
Graph out the real option to wait.
Diagram the loss in option value if a competitor beats firm managers to the punch.
See how the ability to wait and do nothing offer higher real option values.
Memorize the relationship that Real Option Value = Intrinsic Value + Time Premium


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