Business Coaching Secrets - Ali Brown

Business Coaching Secrets Buy Ali Brown

Business Coaching Secrets – Ali Brown

Business Coaching Secrets – Ali Brown

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Dear Coach or Consultant,

Listen, I know you love what you do.

It’s a fact that most people who go into coaching as a business do it because they LOVE helping others! They love working with someone and helping them get from where they are to where they want to be, bringing out their best, helping them think bigger, fostering those big breakthroughs, etc. I personally love nothing more than working with a client and seeing her have a “light bulb a-ha moment.”

But there is a huge problem with the traditional one-on-one coaching model. Sure it sounds easy at first… “I’ll just coach 20 clients a month” and then you realize you’re not only exhausted, but coaching isn’t as joyful as it once was.

The next phase most coaches go through if they are not resonating with the one-on-one model is introducing group coaching via teleseminars. Perhaps you’ve tried these as well, but you’re still not bringing in the money you need. Maybe you can’t figure out how to charge what you want to. Or you can’t get as many people in your programs as you’d like.

Sadly, I’m not surprised.

Do you realize that the typical annual incomes for experienced coaches are all over the board, ranging from $50,400 (2012 ICF Global Coaching Study) to $129,910 (2011 Sherpa Coaches’ Earnings Report)?

For such a noble profession that dramatically helps others, that seems very low. Especially when you look at how weak the dollar is right now, and how much it costs to run a business.

No wonder most people’s eyes pop open wide when I share what my programs generate, and those of my students as well.

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