Business Makeover 2014 with Ellen Roh

Business Makeover 2014 with Ellen Roh

Business Makeover 2014 with Ellen Rohr (23.mp3’s, 1.html file set)
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Sheesh. Can you believe how fast this last year went? As one year wraps up and as we enter 2014, we have an awesome opportunity. This could be the year that you double the size of your company. This could be the year that you multiply profits and stop worrying about cash flow. This could be your time to establish that new venture, the second location, the fresh product launch. This could be the most profitable, the most exciting, and the most rewarding year yet.
Business Makeover 2014 with Ellen Rohr (23.mp3’s, 1.html file set)

However, it’s easy to get stuck in patterns and habits that no longer serve us. Day after day, week after week, we get by…but don’t break through. I’ve been there. We all have! And every now and then we have to jump start our lives and our businesses. Time is too precious to waste! It’s time for new thought, new action and quantum leap results. How about you?

I hope you will join me as I visit with my favorite business mentors – in one lively, powerful interview each day for 21 days. You’ve heard that it takes 21 days to break an old pattern and create a new habit. So, how about spending 21 days with 21 bright business Experts and immerse ourselves in fresh ways of thinking. The best part is that when we come together, we all get better.

Let’s spend time in inspiring conversations that allow you to make those personal discoveries, and add the disciplined action that will supercharge your success. Now is the time to pare down and simplify. Get clear on what you really really really want… and be willing to march boldly in that direction. I’m vouching for these Experts… they are the right stuff. In our conversations, we address each area of business and get personal in the process.

I’m interviewing these TOP Business Success Experts – my friends and mentors – over 21 days. They will be sharing their strategies and tools for your Business Makeover. (We’ve got a few surprises lined up, too.) Topics include… * Gaining clarity… real quantum-leap change comes from within.
* Creating a lifestyle business – build your business AND have a life.
* Building financial power – how to keep score and make more money.
* Simple, powerful, business planning and succession planning.
* Working from home – or living at work… how to raise a family and a fortune.
* Get things done with, through and for others… expand opportunities!
* How to get back on track, after you blow it or make a big mistake.
* Understanding customers… they’ve changed. Learn LOTS about Marketing!
* If you can, should, and how to franchise your business.
* How to sell… without selling your soul.
* Leadership skills. Becoming the leader you’ve always wanted to be.

And soooo much more. 21 diverse and WORLD CLASS business success experts… 21 days. So…ready to say YES to your boldest dreams? Out with the old. In with renewed intention and aligned action! Join us… Business Makeover 2014.

These inspiring interviews with our Business Experts are from 30 to 60 minutes long[b/]. And you’ll have lifetime access to every one of these powerful sessions. Every one of these programs will be [b]filled with profound insights and powerful tools to help you transform – Makeover – your business and your life! Join these Top Business and Lifestyle Experts as they bring you Business Makeover 2014!

Own this program and make it part of your permanent success library. You won’t have to worry about missing a show and can listen to these transformative recordings over and over to keep you motivated and focused on your business success.

You can listen to these sessions anytime. You can listen to these recordings anywhere. Drving to work, on a plane, working out. You get the idea. You won’t want to miss one minute of these valuable calls. Just one nugget of wisdom could change your life, for the better, forever.

Wishing you love, peace, prosperity and freedom,

Meet the Experts and take a look at their topics:

Social Media – Sick of the Theory and Ready for WHAT TO DO?
Don Crowther
Listen to the replay and learn how:
* Google changes their search methods all the time. What to know NOW. (And what to do if Google ever gets mad at you,
or blocks you!)
* You may have just a few circles in Google+, however…THIS is the horse to bet on
* Learn why you should blog and how often…and what about!
* You know Video is the way to go…Don shares how to easily get it done!
* I thought Pinterest was just for women. I was wrong. Great info!
* and so much more!!

How to Create a Profitable, Sellable Business and NOT Kill Your Family in the Process!
Jamie and Lisa Carter
Listen in as we discuss today…
* Jamie and Lisa’s story. He started as the plumber son of a plumber, and…she became the plumber’s wife (like me!)
* Working together with family members is challenging. Discover how they make it work.
* Learn how to build a business and sell it. They have done it…and explored franchising as well.
* Now they are working with their son..the third generation. How to create niche businesses that manifest a legacy.
* and so much more!!

Ready to Create a Truly TURNKEY Business?
Howard Partridge
Listen in as we discuss…
* How your Mission drives every decision…and allows you to let go of the reins.
* Howard build his company on one no-cash-required marketing tool. You can do it, too!
* He shares the 5 Secrets of a Phenomenal Business. (Won’t be a secret anymore! Thanks, Howard.)
* Do team members begrudge you your success? Not if you approach it the way Howard does. So good!

Unleash: 7 Steps To Your Next Breakthough!
Darnyelle A Jervey
In our interview, we discuss…
* Branding starts with mindset. She, too, is a recovering Know It All.
* Darnyell shares her Makeover story. Wow…what she has overcome, and created, is inspiring.
* 3 Tips for a business branding Makeover. Out with the old…in with the YOU.
* Why you can’t fix your brand or your business all by yourself.
* Why and how to create your Wall of Fame.
* An exercise that allows us to recognize – and handle – limiting fear.
* and so much more!!
Business Makeover 2014 with Ellen Rohr (23.mp3’s, 1.html file set)


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