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Business Operation Forms

Business Operation Forms

Below you will find forms and other sample documents for use in the day-to-day running of a business:


Sample Profit and Loss Statement
Contains information generally tracked in a profit and loss statement.
How to Read a Balance Sheet
Provides a sample balance sheet with definitions and descriptions of key elements.
Sample Business Balance Sheet
Lists information generally included in a business balance sheet.
Sample Operating Budget
Tracks common expenses and overhead costs associated with operating a business.

Sample Basic Sales Contract
Checklist – Contract Terms
Lists basic provisions that may be important to include or consider in business contracts.
Sample Billing Dispute Letter
In the event you discover a billing error, you should provide the creditor with written notice of the error.
Equipment and Services

Services Agreements: Real-Life Examples
Equipment Leases: Real-Life Examples
Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing Agreements: Real-Life Examples
Questionnaire – Marketing Strategy
Lists items to consider when developing a marketing strategy or plan.

Checklist – Choosing a Domain Name
Offers guidelines to choose a business name with an Internet presence in mind.
Checklist – Disclosure and the Internet
Lists steps that companies can take to reduce legal risks when disseminating company news online.
Checklist – For Establishing a Web Site
Lists basic procedural information for establishing a web site for your business.
Day-to-Day Business Operations Checklists

Checklist – Things You Can Do to Minimize Business Risks and Losses
Lists items to consider for an effective risk management and loss prevention program.
Checklist – Making an Insurance Claim
Lists information that will help organize and justify an insurance claim.
Checklist – Choosing a Business Location
Lists questions you should answer when deciding where to open your business.
Checklist – Choosing a Facility
Lists questions that will help you determine if a building is a good fit for your business.


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