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Business Success with Robert Phipps - Body Language Masterclass

Business Success with Robert Phipps – Body Language Masterclass

Robert Phipps – Body Language Master Class [9 DVD – Rip]
English | Size: 1.60 GB
Category: Psychology / Body Language
This is not your studio quality boring sterile training, if you want that look elsewhere, this is like you’re in the room. This is a set filmed at a two day seminar presented by Robert Phipps, one of the UK’s best known experts in the field of non verbal communication. You will learn the framework for understanding body language and putting it to work for you whether you’re a complete beginner looking for the basics or the more experienced seeking the extra material you can’t learn from books. Robert covers the Research, Childhood Learning, Left and Right Brain Processing, Cultural Differences, The Face, The Mouth and Smiles, The Eyes and Eye Accessing Cues, Hands and Arms, Feet and Legs, Angles, Distances, Territory, Power and Dominance. Presentation and Negotiation Strategies, Spatial Anchoring, Hypnotic Handshake Inductions, Personal Relationships, Therapy plus so much more. Improve the Results in Every Area of Your Life by Understanding People Better. Understand How People Show You What They’re Thinking and When. Learn The Connection Between The Mind and the Body to Build Rapport. Once You Have Rapport, You Can Improve Any Situation. Get Taken Seriously at Interviews, Appraisals and Meetings. Get Your Point Across Positively To Boost Your Sales & Profits. Create Instant Rapport and Trust By Reading People Better. Learn How To Trigger Positive Emotions Anytime. Improve Your Relationships, Friends, Family, Work Colleagues, Even Your Boss! Understand When People Are Lying To You. Be More Assertive and Confident. Understand Why People Do What They Do. Take Control Of Situations That Normally Phase You. Learning how to observe, read and decode the non verbal messages sent by everyone you encounter and not just the obvious ones. The clues people give you in their office, car and home. In the clothes, make up, jewellery, shoes they wear. What they tell you with their height, size, smells and just so much more.

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