Byron Metcalf – The Shaman’s Heart Meditation Series Combo Pak

Byron Metcalf – The Shaman’s Heart Meditation Series Combo Pak

Size: 1.09 GB
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Author: Byron Metcalf, Ph.D

The Shaman’s Heart Meditation Series consists of four audio-guided meditations designed to assist and support you in fully developing the fundamental capacities, potentials and essential qualities of your heart.

Each 15-minute meditation utilizes the Shaman’s Heart heartbeat rhythm as a foundation with analog textures and atmospheres by Steve Roach, shamanic instruments and sounds, and Field Effect Audio Technology™. This unique and potent combination of ancient and modern technologies provides powerful and comprehensive support for developing your emotional and psycho-spiritual intelligence and maturity. Consistent and systematic use of these meditations can result in a radically enhanced capacity for living a fully authentic, soul-based and heart-centered life.

The Shaman’s Heart Meditation Series incorporates and expands on the universal model of the Four-Chambered Heart found in the arts and indigenous wisdom teachings. The meditations are specifically designed to help develop the primary capacities and essential qualities of the heart: Clear and Intelligent; Full and Compassionate; Open and Trusting; Strong and Powerful. The meditation series also utilizes the corresponding Shaman’s Heart 4-Directions/Medicine Wheel as additional support for your development and includes audio instructions for each meditation along with a detailed user’s guide.

The Shaman’s Heart Digital Combo-Pak also includes Earth Om – Sacred Resonance & The Shaman’s Heart (Original Version) Album

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