Carl Galletti - Copywriter Protege Program

Carl Galletti – Copywriter Protege Program

“The Copywriting Course That Shows You How To Multiply Your Sales on the Web and Through the Mail” by Top Internet Marketer, Carl Galletti

$4997 value for the original course and $997 value for this package itself!

13 DVDs and 25 hours of material!

Here Is Just Some Of What You Can Expect:

(This is only a PARTIAL LIST!)

* How To Apply Basic Copywriting Principles To The Internet
* How To Solve Every Letter Writer’s Greatest Problem
* Direct Mail Alchemy: A Secret Comparable To Turning Lead Into Gold!
* A Simple Technique That Gets Up To 20% Response From Your Direct Mail
* Anatomy of a Million Dollar Sales Letter
* How To Get Testimonials And Use Them To Boost Sales
* A Breakthrough Approach To Organizing Your Letter So It Practically Writes Itself
* 11 Ways To Formulate A Unique Selling Proposition
* How To Create A Powerful Central Selling Idea
* What You Need To Know About The Internet To Make Your Copy Work
* How To Create An Offer That Is Irresistible
* A Secret Technique That Multiplies Sales From Your Letter By Up To 600% – Maybe Even More!
* How To Guarantee That Your Letter Is Received, Read And Responded To
* Where To Get The Best Ideas For Your Ad’s Central Selling Theme.
* 21 Ways To Improve Your Ad… After You’ve Done All You Could To Make It Your Best
* The Greatest Money-Making Secret Of All Time
* The Best Bargain Offered by the US Post Office and How You Can Make BIG BUCKS from it!
* How To Become An Instant Expert On Just About Anything
* How To Get The Best Clients
* How To Get Your Clients To Pay In Advance
* The Most Important Part Of Every Letter You Write
* Why You May Not Want To Write For A Client And How You Can Make A Hundred Times More Money By Turning Down Client Work
* 3 Simple Techniques For Generating The Best Money-Making Ideas For Your Own Letters
* How To TRIPLE Your Letter Writing Income Without Increasing Your Letter Writing Workload
* A List Of Words You Must NEVER Use In Any Of Your Letters
* The Magic Triangle And How It Will Skyrocket Your Own Personal Fortune
* One Simple Sentence You Must Never Forget If You Expect To Ever Be Successful
* How To Get The Federal Government To Finance Your Growth
* The 7 Magic Steps To A Winning Direct Mail Sales Letter
* How To Put Selling Power Into Everything You Write
* How To Use A Little Known Technique To Boost Your Response Rate Into Double Digits – this is a very successful technique I used to get up to a 15% response. The most amazing part of this technique is that the copy took all of 15 minutes to write but actually has little if anything to do with the response. To my knowledge, no one but me is currently using this technique.
* How To Get A Government Agency To Bank Roll A Major Mailing
* 5 Suggestions For Producing Effective Order Forms
* 20 Questions That Will Improve All Your Copy
* 10 Suggestions On Preparing Your Copy
* What You Should Know About Your Copyright Notice
* Eight Common Mistakes That Must Be Avoided
* How To Profit From FREE Publicity
* How To Motivate Yourself And Others
* How To Get Merchant Status To Handle Credit Card Orders
* Twenty-Seven Proven Ways To Answer Objections For Salespeople: Sure-Fire Ways To Overcome The Toughest Objections You’ll Ever Get
* Proven Sales Ideas You Can Use!
* How To Get Other People To Finance Your Projects
* The Greatest Direct Mail Secret Of All Time
* The Prime Motives That Make People Buy From You
* What Are the Essential Elements in Every Good Sales Letter and How You Can Use Them To Entice The Prospect To Buy From You RIGHT NOW!
* The Almost Magic Technique That Transforms You Into A Copywriting Genius
* The Very First Thing You Must Do Before You Ever Write A Word of Your Copy
* How To Capture The Skills of The Very Best Copywriters and Make Them Your Own


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