Carol Tuttle - Chakra 7 System (AVI, MP3)

Carol Tuttle – Chakra 7 System (AVI, MP3)

Welcome To The Chakra7 System

Dear Friend,

I am overjoyed that you’ve decided to join me in an empowering journey into the core of your being with the Chakra7 System.

Let me assure you that I am with you every step of the way as you take this exciting journey to unleashing the powerful abilities that lies deep within you.

Mark my words – when used correctly, the Chakra7 System and its supporting materials will bring you the ability, at any given moment, to instantly uplift any aspect of your life.

Rest assured, you’re not alone on this journey. I will personally guide you through the entire course, and be in constant contact with you through email to share tips and insights that will help you perfect everything you’re about to learn.

A quick look into what you’re getting:
Now please take a look at the materials you’ve just received. I know at this point they may seem daunting, but don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it in no time. In fact once you weave them into your daily schedule, you’ll find yourself looking forward to using them!

But there is one thing I need from you, and that’s your commitment. And your life will change as you start experiencing profound transformation in ALL areas of your life.

You might want to ask me how long it takes before you start seeing results?

The answer to this depends on a number of factors, such as the stage of life you’re at, your state of mind and your belief system. You could begin sensing small advances within days (or even hours), and experiencing massive life-changing effects within a matter of weeks!

But please bear this in mind; don’t sweat the small stuff.

It doesn’t matter what you experience at any one time, because there will always be ups and downs.

Evolving through the program:
Just remember that your experiences will be based on your current mental and emotional states, which will evolve as you progress with the course and the exercises.

The Chakra7 System is designed to help you unleash you higher self through the specially designed set of meditations and exercises for each of your chakras. It it will help you discover yourself and your body, as well as allowing you to function intuitively so you can discover answers, insights and epiphanies from within.

Also, please take your time with the course. I understand the desire for instant results, especially when you’ve paid for something, but the Chakra7 System is about permanent, long-term results. It’s about going beyond instant gratification, and enriching every aspect of your life in a way you may have never thought possible.

So, resist the temptation to skip any part of the Chakra7 System, or to go through it too quickly and just take your time.
To help you go through the program smoothly

Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll be learning:

1. 7 chakras – Watch Syl and I work on each chakra as we take you through the specific techniques and yoga exercises that are specially designed to open and energize that specific chakra. Each chakra module will give you an overview of the meaning and effects of the chakra, transcripts to the training videos and access to the download version of the videos for those who are on the go!

2. Ask Carol – Each month I’ll be answering all your questions and guide you through the your Chakra Healing journey through my emails or videos on the site. To post questions, just go to the sidebar and look for “Ask Carol”.

3. Bonus: Proxy Healing & Long Distance Energy Healing – In this bonus module Syl and I will train you to induce healing in others, regardless of geographic location, and understand how your energy and thoughts affect others on a daily basis.

4. Surprise Bonus: Clearing scripts & Reframes – I’ve decided to include 7 powerful clearing scripts and reframes that compliments this program and will support you in enhancing your work on each of your chakras.

Once again, congratulations for joining the Chakra7 System community. Let me remind you once more that I am with you every step of the way. In fact there’s nothing that I’d love more than to hear from you.

So if you have any questions, comments, drop me a comment at the Ask Carol page. I’ll answer your questions in my emails or videos to you each month.

Enough talk for now! Let’s get started on opening and aligning your chakras!


Introduction Module:Your Journey Begins

This is the starting point of your journey. Here Carol & Syl reveals the history of Chakras and their importance, and how Chakra imbalances occur.

Highlights include:

* A guided Ujjayi breathing exercise to begin the process of opening your Chakras, and give you a solid foundation for your upcoming learnings.
* A visualization exercise to identify your dominant Chakra, and find out who you really are.
* How Yoga and Chakra Healing saved Syl Carson’s life by helping her overcome rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Chakra 1: Root

Color: Red

Element: Earth

Position: Base of the Spine

Objective: Birth issues, survival patterns, generational patterns, money, food and health issues, grounding.

Chakra 2: Sacral

Color: Orange

Element: Water

Position: Below the belly button

Objective: Sexuality, the nature of your relationships, freedom from guilt, pleasure and nurturance, sensation and creativity

Chakra 3 : Personal Power

Color: Yellow

Element: Fire

Position: Above the Navel

Objective: Relationship with yourself, personal power, self-esteem, freedom from shame, self-worth, personal thoughts and image of yourself.

Chakra 4: Heart

Color: Green

Element: Air

Position: Center of chest

Objective: Heart, compassion, love, touch, devotion, emotional zone, self-acceptance, masculine/feminine of the self, and forgiveness.

Chakra 5: Throat

Color: Blue

Element: Sound

Position: Hollow of Throat

Objective: Speaking your truth, coming form the center of your willpower, listening and being heard, communication, finding you true voice and expressing your truth.

Chakra 6:Intuitive

Color: Indigo

Element: Light

Position: Between the eyebrows

Objective: Intuition & psychic talents, self-reflection, visualization, discernment, and trust of your own intuition.

Chakra 7: Crown

Color: Violet

Element: Thought

Position: Top of the head

Objective: Charity, connection to God and spirit, divinity, belief systems, revelation, divine consciousness.

Final Module Putting It All Together

Once you’ve learned about all the 7 Chakras, it’s time for you to learn to tie them together and make Chakra Healing an indispensable part of your daily life.

Highlights of this wrap-up module include:

* How to create an efficient energetic ecosystem by connecting your 7 Chakras and allowing them to communicate with each other.
* A guide for balancing your masculine and feminine energies, which in turn creates an ideal energetic ecosystem to keep your Chakras in balance.
* A mistake you must avoid at all costs. Why some people neglect their upper Chakras, and focus only on the lower ones.

Proxy Healing & Long Distance Energy Healing
Imagine being able to use Chakra Healing not just on yourself, but on your children, your spouse, your friends and your colleagues. In this bonus module Carol and Syl will train you to induce healing in others, regardless of geographic location, and understand how your energy and thoughts affect others on a daily basis. Highlights include:

* The surprising truth on how you energetically affect those around you as you carry out your daily activities, like sending your kids to school or having lunch with your colleagues.
* Does a loved one need your help? How to practice Proxy Healing and Long Distance Energy Healing, so you can energetically heal others—even if they’re in another city or country.
* A fascinating live demonstration of Proxy Healing, where you’ll witness firsthand the potential of this potent practice.

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