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Chris Kobewka – 60 Minute Trader and Bonus

Chris Kobewka – 60 Minute Trader and Bonus

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From the Desk of Chris Kobewka 60 Minute Trader
In My First Month Trading I Turned a Starting Stake of $360 into $19,800 … Beginners Luck Perhaps?

Good afternoon
“It’s very easy to make money in the markets – all you have to do is buy when it’s going up and sell when it’s going down”.

This may sound too simple … but according to one journalist: ‘it’s the simplicity and crystal clarity of vision that marks Kobewka out as a ‘natural’ trader, although he is the first to admit that ‘you’ve got to work for it’.

I was born on a farm in 1960, a real yella-belly!

From the age of 13 I wanted to become a stockbroker. I had no idea what they did but I knew they had big houses and made lots of money. I became the ‘man’ of the family at ten when my father died, and at 16 left school to be a mechanical engineer.

I was honoured with ‘apprentice of the year’ at 17, honing my skills at sheet metal, welding, fitting, milling, turning and electrical work. After moving up in the company and participating in a management buyout, I helped the new business to become profitable.

But although things were going well for me, I felt I was not fulfilling my calling … I knew that trading was what I really wanted to do.

So how did I make the move from engineering management to successful trading? You ask.

Initially, I set up an account with a spreadbetting firm to punt on Grand Prix races and other sports events with moderate results, won some, lost more!!!

Over time I turned my attention to new markets and systems and after a long period of trial and error finally came up with a profitable system of my very own – 60 Minute Trader

In My First Month Trading I Turned a Starting Stake of $360 into $19,800
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