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Chris McCombs – Kick Back Lifestyle Club

Chris McCombs – Kick Back Lifestyle Club

“Here’s How You Can Put Your Marketing on Auto-Pilot And Build a Successful Fitness Business That Works FOR You… Instead of YOU Working For It”
Hey there, Chris McCombs here…

I have a secret weapon that helps me and my friend Zach Hunt get tons of things done in our fitness businesses in VERY little time… which is super-important if you want your fitness business to work FOR YOU… instead of you slaving away night and day just to make a buck.

It’s called the Auto-Delegation Toolbox… and it is EXTREMELY powerful.

Until now this “toolbox” has only been available to small select group of my coaching clients who paid me thousands of dollars and had to practically beg me to give them access to it.

But now I’m gonna give it to you as a gift for next to nothing… and I’ll tell you why in a minute… but first…

Here are the “done for you” tools you’re getting…

The Local Fitness Blog Traffic Magnet – get tons of local traffic for dirt cheap
The Hands-Off Project Finisher – this thing works like magic to find quality people who will do your work FOR YOU without you ever having to pay a dime
The EFT Quick Start Guide – put your client billing on auto-pilot starting today… no more late checks… no more asking for money every month… now YOU are in control of the money… and NOT your clients
The Group Training Exploder – start earning 4-8 times as much per hour by literally EXPLODING your clientele basis on an hour to hour basis training multiple clients at one time for TOP DOLLAR
The Traffic Tsunami Article Spinner – through the little known strategy of “high value persuader nuggets” this bad boy gets you floods of links and traffic to your site even while you sleep… which means it makes money FOR YOU
Ninja Sales Tactics For Closing Every Prospect – this is THE Definitive Guide to closing more sales

How To Cut Your Work Hours In Half Time Multiplier – hyper-advanced time management, scheduling, and time savings tips, tricks, programs and techniques… a must have if you wanna get more done in your fitness business in less time
The Local Fitness Social Marketing Dominator – use this little number to literally OWN your local social media space online and create a cult-like following of rapid buyers… this isn’t some cookie cutter piece of crap you see floating all around the web… I GUARANTEE you’ve never seen anything like this before
The Online Marketing Seek and Destroyer and the Local Marketing Takeover / Assault – extremely POWERFUL tool used to literally TERRIFY your competition without you even having to lift much more than a finger (this one is NOT for the faint of heart)… your website will do the work for you 24/7 leaving your competition fighting for table scraps – you’ll discover how to do a tactical take-over of your local market by having multiple marketing funnels that will find new clients for you day and night
The Kick Back Life Insiders Rolodex of Internet Marketing Resources – pure GOLD when you need quality work done and you need it done FAST… we’ve spent years developing these tools and resources to simplify your business and your life

What are these tools worth?

I think it’s safe to say that access to the “Auto-Delegation Toolbox” is worth AT LEAST $1000 to ANYONE in the fitness industry who’s interested in making more money without having to slave away to do it…

In fact, I bet it’s worth at least twice that much.

That’s why my friends are calling me crazy for giving you access to the “Auto-Delegation Toolbox” for just a BUCK.

That’s right… you’re getting all this for one dollar.

Why am I giving you all this for just a buck?

You see, while I am willing to let the “Auto-Delegation Toolbox” go for just a dollar, I’m NOT just gonna hand it out to anyone…

For starters, it’s taken my partner Zach Hunt and myself countless hours to hone these tools down after years of trial and error working our butts off in our own fitness businesses.

So trust me… I’m not about to part with it for nothing. I like to think I’m a generous guy, but I believe in win/win relationships and fair compensation.

If you’re one of those trainers who thinks everything should be free and you believe in taking without giving, then please leave this website right now and never come back.

So far only an extremely small handful of my coaching clients have ever had access to these tools and most of them paid $3,000.00 to get it.

…but now you’re about to have access to the EXACT same tools people have paid thousands to get for just one buck….


Because I want you to try my Kick Back Lifestyle Club for 30 days… where I’m gonna bring you TONS of new tools and ‘how-to’ videos on a regular basis that’ll have you getting more stuff done in your fitness business in a portion of the time it takes you today… so you can make more money without breaking your back to do it…

You’re gonna be able to do what you want when you wanna do it.

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