Christian Mickelsen – Clients, Cash, Collaboration, & Contribution C4

Christian Mickelsen – Clients, Cash, Collaboration, & Contribution C4

Through eight, 90-minute modules, Christian will share with you some of his most advanced strategies, including…

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How to create products and programs that sell for high amounts (between $500 and $10K) and then get them to sell!
How to find out what people want to buy and how much they are willing to pay. And…

Take your ideas and put them into action so that you can go from idea to profit in 90 days (and sometimes even faster)!

How to get your products professionally produced with ZERO upfront production cost (and with this method, you won’t ever have to deal with “shipping and handling”, they’ll take care of every little thing so that you can focus on what you love to do most).

Secrets of “continuity programs” (like membership clubs, CD of the month clubs, etc.) that generate “recurring income”. If you can get 100 people paying you $47/month that’s $4,700/month (or $56,400/year) – now imagine getting 300 members

How to orchestrate a highly profitable PRODUCT LAUNCH so that whatever you’re selling gets gobbled up right away (for my last product launch these strategies generated $40K in sales in the first 2 weeks alone)

How to consistently generate 10s of thousands of dollars in passive revenue every month by “stair stepping” customers from 1 product to the next and to the next (usually with escalating price points).
Which products to create first, next, after that, etc. so that you’re always working on the most profitable products every step of the way.

How to get “Gobs and Gobs” of clients from presentations and speeches (1 coach got 6 new $1500/month clients using these strategies), plus you’ll learn how to create your own events, fill your events, and grow your database of hot prospects with these events! (Speaking is truly one of the “gold mines” many coaches know about, but few harness to their potential).

How (and when) to use assessments as a way to entice potential clients into working with you. There are a lot of great assessments coaches use when working with clients (“clean sweep”, DISC, etc.), but these aren’t very useful for GETTING clients (despite what you may have been told). Instead I’ll show you how to create your own “red hot” assessment that leads people to the natural conclusion of “I need your help!”

Networking strategies that will get potential clients clamoring for an intro. session with you, funnel hot prospects into your email list, and fill your speaking events (if you’ve been networking and getting nowhere, I totally understand why this happens, but it doesn’t have to. I’ll show you what to do and how to do it).

Revealed: The “Sales-Success” mindset of coaches that are great at creating value for potential clients, AND enrolling them (yes, there IS a mindset for this and if you ever feel uncomfortable with the sales-process this could be part of the reason why!)

The Client Enrollment Process: How to take clients from interested, to enrolled, to giving you their credit card to sign up for coaching (this isn’t as in-depth as my “Free Sessions That Sell” audio program, but you’ll get enough meat to start enrolling clients right away!)

How to package your coaching into enticing “yes/yes” options that get your hot prospects to make a decision that’s in their best interests.


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