Christian Mickelsen – How to Pick the Perfect Niche For You

Christian Mickelsen – How to Pick the Perfect Niche For You

Many coaches struggle to pick a target market to reach out to and work with. I
struggled with this myself for years until I finally figured out the secrets to picking the
perfect niche market. Everyone has a perfect niche, they just need to follow this
process to find theirs.

Dear Coach,

If you’ve heard that picking a target market or niche is important to the success
of your coaching business, then you hear right. It’s totally possible to become a
financially successful coach without one, but it’s WAY harder that way.

In this live coaching session, listen in as I work with 2 coaches (partners) to
refine and hone their target market so that they can get on the marketing fast

From this powerful coaching session you will discover…

how to think about your target market
how to overcome the biggest challenges people face with picking thier niche
how you sometimes need to “mess up” what you have so that you can get
what you want
how to craft your branding
how to write marketing copy that connects with your target market and
moves them closer to you (and helps them at the same time)
and much, much more…


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