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Christopher Hadnagy – Social Engineering – The Art of Human Hacking
Christopher Hadnagy – Social Engineering – The Art of Human Hacking [2 m4b 124 mp3]
Social Engineering – The Art of Human Hacking
by Christopher Hadnagy

No matter how sophisticated your company’s security equipment and procedures may be, their most easily exploitable aspect is, and has always been, the human infrastructure. The skilled, malicious social engineer is a weapon, nearly impossible to defend against.

This book covers, in detail, the world’s first framework for social engineering. It defines, explains, and dissects each principle, then illustrates it with true stories and case studies from masters such as Kevin Mitnick, renowned author of The Art of Deception. You will discover just what it takes to excel as a social engineer. Then you will know your enemy.

Tour the Dark World of Social Engineering

Learn the psychological principles employed by social engineers and how they’re used

Discover persuasion secrets that social engineers know well

See how the crafty crook takes advantage of cameras, GPS devices, and caller ID

Find out what information is, unbelievably, available online

Study real-world social engineering exploits step by step

“Most malware and client-side attacks have a social engineering component to deceive the user into letting the bad guys in. You can patch technical vulnerabilities as they evolve, but there is no patch for stupidity, or rather gullibility. Chris will show you how it’s done by revealing the social engineering vectors used by today’s intruders. His book will help you gain better insight on how to recognize these types of attacks.”
—Kevin Mitnick, Author, Speaker, and Consultant



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