CJ Lyons Joanna Penn Secrets of Traditional Publishing

CJ Lyons Joanna Penn Secrets of Traditional Publishing

CJ Lyons Joanna Penn Secrets of Traditional Publishing

Secrets Of Traditional And Indie Publishing With NY Times Bestselling Author CJ Lyons
We all want to learn from professional authors who are successfully selling books and connecting with readers.

CJ Lyons and Joanna Penn

So I’m really excited to announce two new courses produced in collaboration with NY Times bestselling author, CJ Lyons.

CJ is the author of 16 novels, described as Thrillers with Heart. She has 2 series of medical thrillers, 2 books with environmental activist Erin Brockovitch and a number of stand-alone thrillers. CJ combines both traditional publishing deals with indie publishing to create a successful hybrid career. In 2011, her novel Blind Faith hit #2 on the NY Times bestseller list, #4 on the USA Today list and sold 240,000 copies in 2 months.

CJ knows what she’s talking about and I continue to learn so much from her, so I’m excited to announce that we are partnering to create a series of Pro-Writer courses.

There are 4 modules covering Traditional Publishing, Independent Publishing, Marketing and Managing Your Creative Life. The first two modules are available now, with the final two available by July 2012. There is a discount available for buying the first two modules together as per the details below. The prices are also being kept low for this initial period while we finish all four modules.

Secrets of Traditional Publishing Success

Many people are still interested in a book deal with a NY or London publisher, but there are many hurdles to overcome as well as a lot of myths that surround the industry.

In this course, I interview CJ Lyons about traditional publishing, covering everything from finding an agent, pitching, how the publishing process works, how the money works, the pros and cons, details of contracts and what to watch out for as well as the biggest mistakes people make.

CJ leads you through her own successful pitches to agents and shares personal details of her transition from ER doctor to bestselling author and pro-writer. She also covers what happens after the call and how the reality of being a published author works.

This is a multi-media self-study course with over 3.5 hours or video, 4 hours of audio and 50 pages of text information. It is aimed primarily at fiction authors.


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