Clayton Makepeace – Complete Business System

Clayton Makepeace – Complete Business System

Author: Clayton Makepeace
Size: 5.3 GB

This is Clayton’s Complete Business System. If you want to learn about copywriting, this is an excellent product to study.

And Yes, this included the Bonus Material that is not easy to come by…..
Clayton is about 60 and starting to be very selective in who he works with. I think you will see less and less of his products on the market. He has even shut down his store on his website…. So if you want to learn about copywrting, grab this while you can.

My name is Clayton Makepeace and the photo above is my actual bank statement for January, 2009.

That number I circled – $370,000 – is a deposit a single client made in my account.

A tidy $370,000 in a single month: Not bad.

… Right?

Hang on; it gets better …

That $370,000 is for work I did in December alone – NOT accumulated royalties from campaigns created over many previous months.
I earned that money working for the client only about four hours a day.
I gave myself 15 days off in December – nearly half the month – to hang with my wife and kids for the holidays.
Since I only worked half-days for half the month – about 64 hours in all – that $370,000 works out to an income of $5,781.25 for every hour I spent at my desk.
I’m not cherry-picking here. January was not my largest payday. Some months, my royalty from a client is only $100,000 or $200,000. The largest was more than $650,000 – nearly twice what I made in January.”

Main Content:
•Making A Big Splash
•Partnering For Profits
•Pitching The Deal
•Secrets Exposed – Q and A
•The Makepeace Money Multiplier



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