Clean Change – Foundational Training (Modules 1 – 4)

Clean Change – Foundational Training

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Clean is an elegant, sophisticated way to make a long-term difference. To confidently effect transformation, even in those situations which have stayed stuck for many years.

And best of all, with us it’s easy to learn: you can be using it in ‘real life’ from day one.

Clean Change Company offers what is probably the most comprehensive Clean training in the world:

The Foundation Modules (Modules 1 – 4), offer all the essentials for using Clean Language and Clean Space. These modules have in the last year been adjusted to run in an intensive 7 days, rather than the original 10 days, to reduce the opportunity cost to participants. These Modules, and Certification, are ICF accredited for Continuing Coaching Education points.

DVDs covering foundation level training in Clean Language and Clean Space.

Module One: Introduction to Clean Language and metaphor

Learn four different types of Clean Language question, and find out how and when to use them
Come face to face with the importance of metaphor, both in language and in thought
Start to notice and exploit the ‘casual’ metaphors in everyday conversation
Take your listening skills to a new level
Discover the value of your own metaphors.

If you care about how people, how they think, and what motivates and influences them to change, you need to know about Clean Language. This elegant and powerful questioning technique opens a door to a new way of thinking about how people’s minds actually work.
Latest research reveals that metaphor is the very stuff of thought. Our unconscious habit of thinking of one thing in terms of another is at the heart of what makes people tick. It’s as if metaphor is the native language of the mind – especially the unconscious mind.
With Clean Language, you’ll be equipped to:
Disentangle confusion and miscommunication
Gather rich layers of knowledge about yourself and others
Reveal people’s hidden depths and enable them to reach new heights
Encourage creativity, imagination and personal growth
Fully recognise difference and diversity
The course will be run by Wendy Sullivan co-author of Clean Language: Revealing metaphors and Opening Minds, one of the world’s most experienced Clean trainers.

Module Two: Targeting Change

This module extends your Clean Language skills (learned on Clean Change Company’s Module 1 or with one of a number of other training organisations) into situations where development and change, rather than exploration and understanding, is the intended outcome.
You can expect your life to change, too. You’ll be revealing steps on your own path to successfully living the life of your dreams. Nobody leaves a Clean Change training without exciting new experiences in their own personal growth!

Learn a systematic structure to direct your Clean sessions towards positive change
Develop the confidence to choose your next Clean question wisely
Have fun ‘zooming in and out’ as you explore metaphoric landscapes
Discover the metaphors in ‘body language’ and how to use them Cleanly
Get in touch with metaphors for feelings

Module Three: Change for Good

In this Module you’ll:
• Meet the Specialised Clean Questions, which can take your clients to unexpected places
• Learn to structure your Clean sessions within a comprehensive framework for Change
• Gain insight into the nature of change, and how and why people find it tricky
• Appreciate the role of systems thinking in personal and business change
• Notice repeating patterns in our lives
• Take your metaphor-spotting to a new level
• Develop your memory for client information
• Use metaphor to create plans which lead to real action
• Devise your own Clean applications
• Find out about the times when even the top Clean specialists don’t use Clean.

Module Four: Space for Success

Get moving! The final frontier of foundation-level Clean training, this module will take you and your clients to new and exciting places, where amazing discoveries emerge. Expect to change the way you think about the way we think

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