Complete Lucidology - 101 system, Bridge 101/102, 102 system

Complete Lucidology – 101 system, Bridge 101/102, 102 system

For some years, Lucidology has offered a free video course teaching wake induced lucid dreaming. In this article I’m going to review the video contents so you can see whether this might help you on your lucidity quest.

Lucidology is run by Nick Newport – a different kind lucid dreamer to myself. While I mostly work on establishing in-dream cues to become lucid (known as Dream Induced Lucid Dreams – or DILDs), Nick is an expert at inducing lucid dreams from waking (WILDs).

To the uninitiated, this may sound a bit trippy. And it is. The experience of being physically awake and aware in your bedroom, then plunging into a lucid dream world without any lapse in consciousness, is truly exhilarating:

“As I fall asleep consciously, lying on my back and totally relaxed, I imagine a white sandy beach in my mind’s eye. I place my point-of-view right inside the scene and start to manifest every single detail around me. I become completely mesmerized by the daydream-like reality of walking on that beach.

After a few minutes, I lose all awareness of physical body lying in bed and I suddenly “pop” into the dreamscape for real. I’m now lucid dreaming. I’m standing on the beach which is now a vivid 3D landscape, my toes sinking into the soft, white sand.”
What’s The Best Way to Have WILDs?

Wake Induced Lucid Dreams are tought for beginners because you have to master your own mind. It’s like a form of meditation. Remain too alert and your body won’t fall asleep. Become too drowsy and your mind will.

So your goal in mastering the WILD is to attain physical relaxation in perfect balance with mental focus. Once you get that, the lucid dream emerges almost spontaneously. But what’s the best way to achieve that?

I learned a lot about WILDs from books and none were as enlightening as Nick’s videos. By combining his narrative with animated illustrations, the concepts are easier to grasp. That’s what hit me most about this course.

The OBE / Lucid Dream TechniqueThe other point of interest is that Nick tried traditional lucid dreaming methods himself and had no success. Most people would give up at that point. Instead, he spent the next four years developing his own style of inducing lucid dreams on demand.

What did he do differently?

He went down the route of the out of body experience (OBE) – except his assumption was that it’s not out-of-body at all; it’s actually in-your-head. In other words, it’s a type of lucid dream that originates in your bedroom.

This approach changed everything. It meant he could look for biological signs that mark the lucid dream / OBE onset as opposed to belief-driven landmarks like the silver chord, the spirit guides, and the spirit engery of astral projection.

Using the scientific approach, Nick shares what he calls “body tricks” that have never been discussed in lucid dreaming literature before. He essentially developed new ways of having Wake Induced Lucid Dreams by tricking his body into falling asleep and remaining mentally focused on the subtle physical signs it gives off.

The Stop, Drop, Roll Technique by Lucidology
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Three Essential Techniques

Nick’s no-nonsense videos are well known among the online lucid dreaming community. They present three original WILD techniques, namely how to:

Use the hypnagogic state to fall asleep consciously
Enter sleep paralysis with mind awake / body asleep
Perform the OBE teleporting exit with visualizations

These methods are explained in detail in two videos:

Part I: Mind Awake / Body Asleep

First, you’ll learn how to use your body’s biology to put yourself in a unconscious focus without using any mental visualizations. This shortens the learning curve immensely.

I decided to go ahead and try this technique the next morning after watching the video. I had no idea how easy it would be – to my surprise, I was able to induce partial sleep paralysis within a few minutes. Knowing I had induced it myself and was in full control, it wasn’t scary. Then I used Nick’s twitching technique to bring on a full paralysis.

Inducing this state of sleep paralysis is what relaxes the body and frees the conscious mind into a lucid dream or OBE. From there, it is a small push into a lucid dream.

In the following days and weeks after watching this video I had some stunning Wake Induced Lucid Dreams.

Update Jan 2011: I have been using these techniques for a couple of years now and I enjoy multiple WILDs each month. This is exciting because it’s not only a fun and empowering way to begin a lucid dream, it also creates the most intense and vivid lucid dreams possible. This is also an especially good technique to follow if you take a galantamine supplement.
Part II: The OBE Teleporting Exit

In the second part of Lucidology, you’ll discover a technique called The OBE Teleporting Exit. This combines visualizations with other sensory illusions to have an out of body experience.

It’s not surprising that some people believe in their heart of hearts that they’re literally traveling out-of-body when they experience this. It’s an extraordinarily realistic feeling.

The video describes how to shift your awareness into an imaginary copy of yourself in the next room. I had a lot of fun doing this. By engaging several different senses at the same time, I was able to place myself in my own back garden and experience the environment as if I was really out there.

With practice, this ‘mental teleportation’ leads to crossover point – in which you are launched into a very realistic and intense journey outside the sleeping body… and inside the lucid dream world.

Although this method does require some full-on visualizations (you either love them or hate them), I find this is good practice for lucid dreaming and leads on to some very rich dream experiences.
LucidologyWatch The Videos Online

Lucidology is a unique resource. It comes from an original perspective, using the body’s natural biological language to initiate lucid dreams. If you’d like to better understand the WILD process, and enhance your lucid dream induction abilities all-round, I can recommend these videos.

Visit Lucidology to watch Nick’s videos for free and learn how to alter your unconscious focus, create states of profound meditation, and ripen your mind for vivid lucid dreams.
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