Computer programming for beginners Understand how it works

Computer programming for beginners Understand how it works

Computer programming for beginners Understand how it works

Name Product: Computer programming for beginners: Understand how it works
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No previous experience required! Learn the basic principles that will ease your further development as a programmer.

This course helps you understand how computer programming works. Here, I will introduce you to the basic principles of programming. You will develop your logical thinking, while learning how to design algorithms.

Becoming a programmer(software developer) does not mean to just learn a programming language. Nope! It means to:

Learn to think like a programmer,
understand how programming works,
learn any programming language,
practice, practice, practice
This course will help you with points 1 and 2. The course does not cover any programming language or development environment. This course is meant to be taken before learning a specific programming language.

I designed this course for complete beginners, because I have seen too many students starting from point 3 and not understanding what they are doing. I recommend this course to all beginners at our live courses and if you are just starting with computer programming, I also recommend it to you!

I am very keen on examples. Every time when I explain something new, I supplement it with examples. Another key to understanding is exercise. I prepared questions, exercises or practice problems after each lesson.

By the end of this course you will understand:

How the computer represents and handles information
How to design an algorithm, using flowcharts
Data types, operators, Variables, Decisions, Loops, Arrays and matrices
After this course you will be ready to learn any programming language faster, with deeper understanding.


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