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Confessions Of Gurus VolumeII

Confessions Of Gurus VolumeII

I’m going to be uploading a short eBook that has
contributions from a couple VIP+ only members.
(Specifically… VIP, Elite, Forum Mods, Moderators, and Admin members)

The PDF eBook is simply to have something that The Vault
members have created together and to send a message to
other vault members to contribute more and more to The Vault.

Since you’re obviously a VIP, I’m asking for your answer – however
you want to answer it – to the following question…

“If you could share 1 thing about business, making money, and success with every member on thevault.bz — what would it be?”

It’s going to be amazing to see the top vault members
all in one place for the first time ever on thevault.

And considering all advice will be coming from the top vault members…

And considering I’ll make the title of the torrent and description
something that every vault member will want to download…

…this your chance to really speak your mind
and say or share anything you want AND BE HEARD by almost all vault members…

Actually, looking forward to seeing your reply.
…this was the result…


1. Pageranker (VIP)

2. Jack79 (Administrator)

3. R2D2 (VIP)

4. Boaz (Elite)

5. Homeemail (VIP)

6. Billionaire (VIP)

7. Hagbard23 (Elite)

8. Mooyman (VIP)

9. Newtdog (Forum Moderator)

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