Jason Capital – Conversation Crack System (2014)

 Conversation Crack System (2014) with Jason Capital

COST: $97.00
Author: Jason Capital
Size: http://www.datingskillsreview.com/conversation-crack-system/
Website: http://www.datingskillsreview.com/conversation-crack-system/

Module 01: The Boomerang Sequence
Module 02: The Oath Sequence
Module 03: The 3-Hitter Sequence
Module 04: The Triangle Stacking Sequence
Module 05: The Cherry Farm Sequence
Module 06: The SLP-4 Sequence
Module 07: The Tracy Sequence
Module 08: The Caribbean Anal Sequence
Module 09: The Slut Gathering Sequence
Module 10: The Virgin Death Sequence
Module 11: The Uncommon Boner Sequence
Module 12: The Red Wonder Sequence
Module 13: The Soul Touching Sequence
Module 14: The Resveratrol Sequence
Module 15: The Boyfriend Kryptonite Sequence
Module 16: The Get Chased Sequence
Module 17: The Sexual Slingshot Sequence

Some of the areas covered include:

– How to spike sexual tension and emotions
– Exhibiting two of the most attractive qualities in a man
– Creative ways to use playful insults and questions
– How to covertly make yourself sexually irresistible
– Using her answer to amplify the result you want
– An opening that creates a deep, personal connection
– How to use provocative and confusion-generating questions
– Eliciting core values and getting a woman to link them to you
– How to do intense sexual exercise with women you don’t know
– A role playing exercise that makes a woman seduce you
– A 3-step strategy for getting her to have sex with you
– How to trigger 5 specific emotions you want to see more of
– Introducing play into your conversation to keep it light-hearted
– Increase your connection with women through bantering, teasing, and challenging
– Using emotionally compelling challenges to get her motivated to do what you want
– Using innocent questions and vague responses to amp up her sexually curiosity
– How to use the “push-pull” concept to get her working for your attention
– How to get a woman talking about sex and have her think it was her idea
– An irresistible conversation theme beautiful women can’t help talking about
– Words that make a woman light up with excitement and imagination



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