Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotherapy Training

Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotherapy Training

Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotherapy Training

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COST: $129= Yours Free
Author: Pradeep Aggarwal

This Program – Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotherapy Training is the result of over a year of work by Igor and his partner to bring it into being. As each and everyone of you know, Igor demands a high level of quality for each and every one of his products before he will release them to the public.

Program Description:

DVD 1: Positive Hypnosis & The Five Words of Power
How to Master Hypnosis – Sophisticated Hypnotherapy is NOT Complex

Hypnotic metaphors
10 Second Hypnotist
Five Words of Power
Trance Themes
Demo: Trance Themes
5 Magic Touches

DVD 2: Discover the “Double Dip” How to Master Other Hypnotic Principles Effectively

The Boiler Plates
The 60 Second Hypnotist
The Double Dip
Demo: Fractionation
What If They Don’t Wake Up?

DVD 3: The Hypnotic Blitz & How to Quickly Deal with Subjects Who Freak Out

Handling Abreactions
Instant scripts
Blackjack Rule
The 3 Rs
Demo: The Hypnotic Blitz
The Hypnotic Blitz

DVD 4: Secrets of the Hypnotic Gaze Revealed

Day 2: Open House Q&A
Benedictions & Curses
The Hypnotic Gaze
Hypnotic Ethics 101
Hypnotic Ethics 102

DVD 5: How You Can Access the 3 Types of Hypnotic Memory

3 Hypnotic Memories
Demo: Revivification
Revivification Training
Covert Trance Themes
Private Hypnosis Club

DVD 6: The Power of Unconscious Symbolism

Unconscious Symbols
DMI (Dynamic Mental Imagery)
Demo: DMI Induction
DMI – Full Version
DMI – Unveiling Symbols
Demo: Unveiling Symbols
Let Go of the Form
Hypnosis Ethics 103

DVD 7: How to Control Attention & Decoding the “Non-Awareness Set”

How to Control Attention
Exercise: Unconscious Attention
Demo: Non-Awareness Set (NAS)
Exercise: NAS Warm up
NAS Strategies
NAS Reframes
Exercise: NAS Light

DVD 8: “Non-Awareness Set” Orienting & Reframing Questions

Open House Q&A
Impromptu Demo: NAS
NAS Orienting Questions
NAS Reframing Questions
Master Hypnosis Without Overloading
Bonus: Street Hypnosis Products

DVD 9: Mind Bending Hypnotic Language

Resource Therapy
Mind Bending Language (MBL)
MBL Basic Exercise
MBL Therapy Loops
Demo: MBL Confusion
Healing Confusion
Demo: MBL Cat Phobia

DVD 10: How to Run Mind Bending Language Loops

Day 4: Open House Q&A
MBL: Test and Condition
Demo: Test and Condition
How to Run MBL Loops

DVD 11: How to Master Mind Bending Language And The Power of “Magic Moments”

Q&A: MBL Loops
Demo: MBL Loops
How to Master MBLs
Hypnosis Ethics 104
Magic Moments
Conversational Patterns 1
Conversational Patterns 2
Conversational Patterns 3

DVD 12: Hypnotic Regression Training and The “Days of Wonder” Demonstration

Hypnosis and Memory
Return of the Catman
Hypnosis Ethics 105
Regression Training
Days of Wonder
Demo: Days of Wonder
Bonus: High-5 a Cat

DVD 13: Secrets to “The Days of Wonder” Technique & How You Can Clear Emotions

Day 5: Open House Q&A
Days of Wonder (DoW)
You Can Do This!
Exercise: DoW
Debrief: DoW
Clearing Emotions
Behavior vs Intention

DVD 14: The Ultimate 12 Step Regression Therapy with Full Demonstration

12 Step Regression Therapy
Demo: Regression Therapy
Q&A: Regression Demo
What if Time Runs Out

DVD 15: The Total Reintegration Method with Full Demonstration

Review: Regression Therapy
Introduction: Reintegrations
Demo: Reintegrations
Q&A: Reintegration Demo
The Reintegration Method
Debrief: Reintegration

DVD 16: The Total Reintegration Method with Full Demonstration

The Certification Process
Day 6: Open House Q&A
How to Run a Hypnosis Office

DVD 17: Final Thoughts and a Special Bonus Regression Demonstration

Certification Induction
Debrief: Certification
Wrap Up & Close Loops
A Final Message & Credits
Your Bonus Demonstration

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