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Cosgrove – PT Evolution

Cosgrove – PT Evolution

Alwyn Cosgrove – Evolution of Personal Training
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The business model has changed and will continue to do so. The old ways no longer work and what was driving business two years ago is also not going to work now. For success you need to know how to thrive in change or better yet lead in change. In tough markets the rules are different but basic values will always guide the way.

I do feel there will be a lot of gyms, training centers and personal trainers who will not make it past 09 but the reasons will be their own fault for not embracing change but fighting it.?
– Dave Tate

?It?s time to reinvent ourselves. The time has never been better or more urgent in which to question every truth, belief, premise, product, service and price of your business. This is a time of transition to a new economy which you are going to participate in, willingly or reluctantly, successfully or unsuccessfully?
-Dan Kennedy

?The business is in major transition right now.I?ve been in this for over 30 years. It has changed more in the last 3 years than I?ve seen it change in that entire time period.There has never been a chance for greater growth in the fitness industry for those willing to reinvent their businesses and grow with the coming consumer?
? Thomas Plummer

?You?ve got to reinvent your business to fit the realities of the new market?
? Seth Godin

?Reinvent your business constantly. The end goal may be the same, but the tools and methods are constantly evolving.?
? Ken Tucker
If you are a trainer or coach in this field ? ask yourself if your business practice is the same as it was last year, or two or three years ago. Ask yourself if your programming has evolved to meet the demand?s of todays consumer. If you haven?t changed your model radically ? you will be left behind in today?s economy.

The only constant in today?s business world is that everything is changing.

Your marketing has to be different. Your sales script has to be different. The services you offer have to be different. The actual workouts you put clients through have to be different (today?s client is physically different and has different goals from even ten years ago).

It?s time to evolve and reinvent.

This year for Perform Better I presented on the Evolution of the Fitness Profession ? ?tested Methods to Transform your Personal Training Business ? and shared proven strategies that will allow your business to evolve and grow. This was my highest rated and attended talk ever.

We?ve just released a DVD of my presentation from the 2009 Perform Better tour.

This seminar covered strategies to completely evolve your training business and literally make you bulletproof in the current economy (and as usual with me ? it?s all battle tested ? we?re on track to have our best year ever in the gym). Businesses need to evolve and change. You literally need to reinvent your entire business identity every 3-5 years or you?ll be left behind.

We cover:

Understand that business is a system: If you don?t hace a system in palce you are winging it. Business is too important for improv.
Understand the mindset of the client: ?If you can see john smith through John smith?s eyes, you can sell John Smith what John Smith buys?
Repositioning yourself in today?s market : being a one-on-one clipboard holding, rep counter just won?t work in the new economy
Semi Private Training / Group Training: how to implement different offerings and stil maintain a high quality of programming
Fitness Programming for the 21st Century: today?s clients have changed, their goals have changed and their demands have changed. We need to change the very product we are offering.
Bottom line: We need to RADICALLY change our business because our customers and prospects behaviors and psychology are changing.

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