CPA Cash Demon

CPA Cash Demon

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CPA Cash Demon is a 120 page PDF guide on how to quickly set up niche CPA sites. The concept is very similar to people who set up niche affiliate sites or niche Amazon sites. You quickly create several of them, making a few hundred from each one (largely on auto pilot).  The advantage of this method is two fold. First its much more easy to rank for specific niches. Second because you have an entire network of CPA sites your overall business is diversified and thus if one site does not preform well or looses ranking you have the others to pick up the slack.

I was interested in this training for three main reasons. First I have done reviews of training products before by  Gaurab and I know first hand the quality of his work. Also having worked with him I know first hand that he is quite successful in the things he teaches. Second I was interested in this training because I know that CPA can be extremely profitable if done correctly. I personally know a lot of people who have made good money with CPA offers. Finally, to be quite frank, I just wanted to read the training for my own information.

When I got my review copy the first thing I noticed was how extremely detailed the training is. Its 120 pages but its not a slow or boring read. The size comes from the fact that this litterly tells you everything you need to do, step by step. It leaves nothing out. Its very clear. You can litterly just follow the instructions. Its full of screenshots and images that give you a visual to go with the well written text. Honestly you could know nothing about CPA and this would guide you through getting started with ease.

Normally I dont like PDF training. I guess I’m just to lazy to read. But for this one I did not mind it at all. Its defiantly one of the top three training products I have ever seen. I had expected that Gaurab would do a good job with this product. However he actually did an excellent job that even surpasses my expectations.

As I said before this is niche CPA marketing where you set up several sites and basically forget  about them. Because if this you have total control. If your looking to just make a little extra income each month you can set up 1-5 sites. Looking to make more money? Set up 10-20 niche sites. Its totally up to you. Also since these sites dont require any real long term maintenance so once you set them up there is almost nothing for you to do after but collect your CPA commissions.

The price of this training is extremely reasonable. Given all of the time he must have put into this I actually think Gaurab could have justified selling it for a fair amount more. Even at double the asking price it would have been a decent value.

Given the fact that CPA is a very time tested and proven way to make money. That it can be extremely profitable. That this focuses on niche building (something Im a big fan of) and that the training is extremely detailed I would suggest that this is a great investment for anyone looking to make a a few hundred more per month without a lot of long term work. This one is a big win guys and a huge value.


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