CPA Tube Bonanza - Youtube + CPA Marketing System

CPA Tube Bonanza – Youtube + CPA Marketing System

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it takes a special kind of idiot to create an ebook and call it a course. like this share below, from a guy who promotes all kinds of trash, and co-created trash with his scamming buddies. it is a scam, when you lie to people about your product and making all kinds of bogus claims, the biggest liars are not always winners, big liars get busted and ALWAYS lose business, they fade away and change their names to start scamming again… these ‘special ed’ idiots have not learned that lying does not pay the biggest reward, it pays little to no reward. every buyer you fool, is a person who is very likely never going to purchase ANYTHING you sell, ever again… it takes a special kind of stupid to buy one bso after another… hey, stupid, is that you?

here you have a bso creator and promoter who decided to make his own trash to sell, so he can keep ALL the money for himself… i doubt even a cpa noob will learn anything from this bso

EXCLUSIVE BBHF PRE-LAUNCH: this launches june 16th if he can upload this to his download page, he fudged that up last time… and the time before that… lol


the ONLY reason i am sharing this, is to show YOU that any idiot can make money online, the longer you wait, the less money you will make, because all these idiots will take it if you do not care to! do not create a bso, create a product that people will like, so those same people will buy more of what you are selling. it takes a special kind of stupid to buy one bso after another! they keep going back to the bso boredom, jvdoo-doo, and other sellers of useless info and scams. because it is a scam when you are taking money from people after you lie and sell them worthless trash. if you notice, these same fools never spend a lot of money, because they do not have any money to spend! you want to sell quality products if you want to make a lot of money. start NOW!
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