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Craig Proctor’s- Magnetic Lead Generation Success System

Craig Proctor’s- Magnetic Lead Generation Success System

Name Product: Craig Proctor’s- Magnetic Lead Generation Success System
Market price: $199
Author: Craig Proctor
Size: 967 MB

Generate More Qualified Leads, No More Cold-calling: Craig Proctor’s Magnetic Lead Generation System, Turns the tables on “Old School” Prospecting by Compelling Qualified Buyers and Sellers to Hunt YOU Down.

DVD 1 – Image Advertising vs. Direct Response
How to Compel Prospects to Call You
Why the traditional ads that most Realtors’ run generate few qualified prospects. Learn how to automatically and inexpensively generate droves of qualified buyers and sellers by understand and addressing your prospect’s needs.

DVD 2 – Classified Advertising Revisited
How to Make Now Money with Advertising That Has Universal Appeal
Craig Proctor reveals how he re-invented classified advertising. There is Only One Good Reason to Run a Classified Ad and Most Realtor’s ads totally miss the mark. Discover How to Create Ads and Target the Prospects You really Want to Work With. Craig Proctor provides Dozens of Examples You Can Duplicate immediately in your own business. These universal strategies compel prospects to contact you and are the foundation of Craig’s automatic reverse prospecting system.

DVD 3 – Improve Your Online Advertising Results by Avoiding These 10 (?) Common Mistakes
Discover how to perfect your online advertising. By using Google Pay-Per-Click, Craigslist, Kijiji, Backpage, banner ads and other online strategies, you will learn how to generate more leads at low cost or even no cost.
Almost every Realtor advertises online and unknowingly makes common mistakes that suppress response. Find out how you can dramatically improve your results with no more effort by avoiding these mistakes.

DVD 4 – How to How to Fly Underneath Your Prospects Advertising Radar with Editorial-style Advertising
News attracts more attention than advertising. Learn how to make the information you offer look like news rather than an ad from a real estate agent. With editorial-style advertising, you will reach prospects that would not otherwise respond to your ads.

DVD 5 – Dominate Your Marketplace with a Killer Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
Are you tired of being viewed as a commodity? What makes you different or better than your competitors? Craig Proctor reveals you can set yourself apart from other Realtors and dominate your marketplace. The Most Important Question a prospect will ever ask you as long as you are a Realtor is – “Why Should I Choose To Do Business with You vs. All Other Options?”… Do you have a spectacular answer to this question?

How to replace the expensive, ineffective ads that most Realtors use with Craig Proctor’s LOW COST HIGH IMPACT campaigns./em>
Why Most Realtor Classified Ads get poor response and result in few sales
How to design ads (Both Online and Print) that offer Universal Appeal compelling the best prospects to contact you
How to fly underneath your prospect’s advertising radar to attract now business and future business
How to differentiate yourself from other Realtors in your marketplace so prospects understand what makes you different and better
How to track and test your ads so you can determine which campaigns are making you money and which are draining your bank account
How to integrate your marketing to Create an Automatic Lead Generation Machine That Will Empower You to Grow Your Business to Any Size You Desire


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