Craigslist Hiring Course - Neville Medhora

Craigslist Hiring Course – Neville Medhora

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….is when a dude comes in for the interview, it’s just NATURAL for him to “try and please you.” (not in the giggity way) ;-)

This means if you say, “Ok Bob, you know this job gives you a HUGE responsibility, and sometimes you will have to work much past normal work hours.”

…..the guy (or girl) won’t just back down and say, “Oh no! I can’t accept this job! I’m super lazy and you shouldn’t hire me!”


They will say, “No problem! I can handle that workload! Let’s do it!”

You’re happy.
They’re happy.
They get the job.

You spend time training him.
You spend time interviewing him.
You spend money at every step of the hiring process.

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