creativeLIVE - Steve Rennie - Dream it, Do it: Breaking Into The Music Industry

creativeLIVE – Steve Rennie – Dream it, Do it: Breaking Into The Music Industry

Instructor: STEVE RENNIE
Steve Rennie, aka RENMAN, was the longtime manager of Incubus and a driving force behind the band’s multi-platinum commercial success.

Rennie hosts “Renman Live!”, a talk show that opens his office doors to aspiring artists from different musical genres, giving them his no-holds-barred feedback on what they are doing right – and wrong – on their journey to success. Guests get the opportunity to tap into his 30+ years of music industry contacts from producers, to marketing executives, to signed bands who are calling in and dropping by the show. Talent is not enough – Renman’s no-nonsense approach empowers artists to smash through the barriers and do what he hopes they will do; “Dream It. Do It”.

Session 1 (14 Videos): Total Duration 5h 26m
Segment 1 – 11 Pre-Show 12:00
Segment 1 – This Business is Tough 33:58
Segment 2 – From Dreamer to Doer 31:11
Segment 3: Identifying Your Target 16:51
Segment 4 – The Gate Keepers 28:06
Segment 5 – Picking Partners 23:27
Segment 6 – Make it Personal 15:26
Segment 7 – Get the Money 32:04
Segment 8 – Money Wants an Opinion 26:17
Segment 9 – Timing and Lighting is Everything 22:06
Segment 10 – Challenges & Applying These Ideas 29:05
Segment 11 – Challenges & Applying These Ideas Continued 43:59
Segment 1 – 11 Wrap-Up 07:05
Thanks + Credits 04:32


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