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Dan Brock - Deadbeat Super Affiliate

Dan Brock – Deadbeat Super Affiliate

Date: Thursday, July 17.
From The Sagging Couch Of: Dan Brock

Dear Friend:

If you’re reading this… you probably work a lot harder than me.

You’re not alone. Even most of the Internet marketing “gurus” who brag about their “lazy” lives work way more than I do… and don’t have much to show for it.

And if that sounds “unfair”… there’s nothing to stop you from joining me.

Because if you’re willing to stop racing around looking for the latest “loophole”, “glitch” or “miracle” to trick Twitter… fake out Facebook… or game Google…

… you’re right where you need to be to take a shortcut straight to the top of the affiliate marketing food chain.

In fact… you can be about the laziest S.O.B. on the planet and pull down a full-time income in as little as 5 hours per week without any of the usual roadblocks in your path…

… even if you’re dead broke… … even if you can’t force yourself out of bed before noon and you can’t concentrate more than 10 minutes at a time… heck,


even if you’re under doctor’s orders to stay in bed all day!


Me… I’d rather steer clear of the digital moshpit and just scoop up a lazy (but lucrative) slice of the $24 billion in sales Amazon alone is going to get this year…


…With or without me…

That’s 14 times what Clickbank’s made since they opened for business (back in 1998!)… and with customers coming in the door already “pre-sold” on snapping up everything from $24.99 romance novels to $5,000 video cameras…

… and one out of every 6 visitors you send over to Amazon making a purchase…

… trust me – you won’t be thinking about commission rates when you cash the checks.

After all, when Amazon paid out a cool $9.6 billion just to affiliates last year… and Clickbank hasn’t cracked $2 billion in total sales in a decade… even a lazy guy can do the math.

And with 30,000+ different products in the Amazon marketplace practically flying off the shelves (compared to just a few “hot” ebooks of the week)…

… if you run into something “competitive”… fine. Just pick something else.

The best part is… if you’re reading this letter you probably have a HUGE “unfair advantage” over most of the people dividing up that $9.6 billion.

If you’ve been busting your ass to keep your head above water selling ebooks… you can walk in and take these clueless Amazon affiliates’ lunch money.

In fact… you’ll wonder why you ever bothered fighting it out for commissions on a few lousy PDFs like a used car salesman on Presidents’ Day once you discover…


You can collect a “full-time” affiliate paycheck from Amazon
just for showing up…


… and start making commissions from day one even if you’ve never made a thin dime online in your life.

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