Dan Kennedy - Magnetic Marketing 2014

Dan Kennedy – Magnetic Marketing 2014

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ATTENTION Business Or Sales Professional: Are you looking for a flood of new customers, clients or patients?

“How To Quickly Increase Your Sales And Take-Home Profits With An Efficient, Affordable, And Revolutionary SYSTEM For Magnetically Attracting Your Ideal Customers, Clients, Or Patients”

If you would like to attract more and better customers with less work and cut waste out of your advertising, I urge you to lock the door, take the phone off the hook, kick off your shoes, get comfortable, and STUDY this letter — it IS that important…

Dear Renegade Marketer,

If you own a small business of any kind:  how would you like to stop being an advertising victim?  How would you like to finally getting accurately measureable, quick results from each and every dollar you put into ANY kind of advertising, marketing or promotion?

And how about attracting a flood of new customers at will and being able to define and dominate any target market you choose—even if you’re a company selling sophisticated software only to Fortune 1000 companies or a local flower shop?

What we’re going to share with you in this message will incredibly “re-invent” your entire marketing process for the better.

If you’re a sales professional:  how would you like to end cold prospecting once and for all?   Possess new, powerful ways to magnetically attract prospects who are predisposed to view you as an expert ally and advisor, pre-disposed to buy from you?    Put an end to being “screened”, to phone tag?  Have qualified prospects eagerly asking you to make time to see them?

If you’re a sales manager or marketing executive:  how would you like to cut all the fat, waste, even the uncertainty out of your company’s advertising, and make your salespeople immensely more productive?

This Letter Is Your Invitation To Boost  Your Profits That Could Forever Alter Your Life

As a business owner, you’ve likely been an advertising VICTIM–constantly wasting money, not really knowing what works and what doesn’t, and constantly reinventing the wheel too often, and – to be blunt – getting where you’re going by paddling faster and harder, without a fail-safe navigation system.  We’re here to warn you THAT NO LONGER WILL WORK.

Big dumb companies sloppy, wasteful “mass advertising” practices are catching up with them – the ‘secret cancer’ that has eroded so many big-name corporations has left them weak, fragile and vulnerable.  Unable to weather the last recession.

The small business owner, local merchant, or even mid-sized company owner can be slaughtered much faster by NOT KNOWING HOW TO SYTEMATICALLY, efficiently, affordably “target” his ideal, ready to buy, high value customers or clients.

If you are willing to be honest and admit that you don’t really have a reliable marketing system – then you are going to count this letter as the most important letter you have read this year:

Because you’re about to follow in the footsteps of a multitude of the GKIC Elite who have been able to erase the “evils” of business such as:

Cold calling
Dealing with skeptical prospects and “looky loos”
Dealing with penny-pinching customers
Working 70-80 hour weeks
Having absolutely no free time
Stress and strife on the family
Lack of certainty for the future
Constant worry and aggravation

This innovative system has been used successfully for over 22 years by small business owners and entrepreneurs like you.  It has been used to generate their ideal customers, clients and patients so these business owners are no longer beholden to their business.

If you’re looking to leapfrog YEARS of trial and error, what you’re about to discover when you keep reading every single word of this letter will allow you to prevent yourself from flushing fistfuls of money down the toilet.



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