Dan Kennedy - No BS Direct Marketing [PDF]

Dan Kennedy – No BS Direct Marketing [PDF]

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I do like the title of this book! Jargon is endemic. You see it everywhere, from teens’ l33t speak to text messaging to any area of business and industry. For instance, I spent 30 years in radio, and often told someone to “pot it up”. Let’s just say it had nothing whatsoever to do with marijuana! (It means “turn up the volume”; a potentiometer, or “pot”, is a volume control.)

Marketing is one of the worst offenders in terms of jargon. I taught it for five years and yes, I insisted students learn the terminology, but privately I agreed with them that a lot of the jargon was pure BS.

Which brings me to this book. The title says it all. Dan Kennedy strips the BS from the jargon and offers a great how-to resource that anyone can understand. Unless, of course, you are a college instructor of marketing…(I say, then I duck!)

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Go behind the scenes and cash in on the undisclosed, off-the-record strategies of today’s top direct marketers. These high-profile techniques can be applied to your non-direct marketing business with amazing results and direct marketing guru Dan Kennedy can take you there. Dan and his elite team of consultants – all phenomenally successful at borrowing direct marketing strategies from the world of mail-order, TV infomercials, etc. to use in ‘ordinary’ businesses including retail stores, restaurants, sales careers – reveal their radically different, super profitable methods and share actual advertising and marketing examples from their businesses!
Section I: Laying the Foundation for Exceptional Success
1. The Big Switch: Why Direct Marketing for NON-Direct Marketing Businesses?
2. The Rules
3. The Results Triangle
4. Markets
5. Message
6. Media
7. Mastery
Section II: Inside Non-Direct Marketing Businesses Sucessfully Using Direct Marketing
8. How Outrageous Advertising Turns Ordinary Retail Stores into Super-Profitable Marketing Businesses
9. Who Else Wants to Know How a Guy with NO Tax Experience Took a Two-Room Tax Office…and Built a $4 Million a Year Tax Business…?
10. How to Advertise Less for New Customers, Yet Double Your Profits
11. Courageous Marketing, Marketing-Based Courage
12. Direct-Response Marketing for Dentists and Other Professionals
13. How to Keep Clients Informed, Interested, Happy, and Coming Back for More
14. How Direct Marketing Can Change Your Entire Business Life
15. From Dead Broke Bug Guy to Marketing Millionaire
16. How to Automate Your Marketing
17. How to Put a Fence Around Your Customers
Section III: Resources
Resource Directory
About the Author
Free Offers and Resources from Dan Kennedy

Format: PDF
Length: 206 pages
Published: 2006 by Entrepreneur Press (first published 1994)
ISBN: 1932531572
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