Dan Kennedy – Power Points Retail Version

Dan Kennedy – Power Points Retail Version

“How would you like to have me – Dan Kennedy – sitting in your office, waiting, “on call”, to leap to attention and give you my very best advice, answer, or strategy any minute you need it, day or night?”
I want to tell you about a moneymaking tool extraordinaire, that I have invested 19 years in making. It is called POWER POINTS, and it is, by far and away, the most valuable and important tool or product of any kind I’ve ever brought forward, and I can’t wait to describe it to you in all of its glorious detail.

The problem: how to access what I know efficiently, to get what you need, when you need it.
The answer: Power Points.
Let me explain how this tool was built.
Two years ago, a very capable editor and organized-thinker, very familiar with my work, took everything we could find that I had said, taught, recorded, or written, published and unpublished, even consulting session notes, since 1975…….quite literally a trailer-truck full of raw material……and set out to edit out all the duplication, pull together all the gems, and get it organized into categories and disciplines, somewhat like an encyclopedia. It took her nearly an entire year of very dedicated effort. I invested a large sum of money in her efforts. Now I’ve been working with what she delivered, to make it even more useable and accessible.


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