Dan Pena – 3-Day Personal and Business Success Seminar – Audio MP3

Dan Pena – 3-Day Personal and Business Success Seminar – Audio MP3

Website: http://www.danpena.com/3-day-personal-and-business-success-seminar-audio-mp3/
COST: $94
Author: Dan Pena
Size: 1.4 GB

An entire 3-Day Seminar Event recorded live! This audio set is approximately 30 hours of Dan Peña! It is the next best to actually being there. Dan Peña presents his QLA methodology for personal and financial success in detail. Here’s a quick glimpse of what you’ll discover during the 3-day seminar…

–    Myths, lies and misinformation that has been fed to you for years by success gurus and why you have NO chance of succeeding without the truths!
–    The single, most important key to getting whatever you want in life!
–    How to stay laser-beam focused at all times… no matter what!
–    Why you can’t afford to hang around with morons. The importance of surrounding yourself with high-performance people at each stage of your career!
–    How high-performance people handle mistakes differently than others!
–    A revolutionary idea about goal setting that goes against all the “experts” advice!
–    Why yesterday’s dream is today’ reality and how to visualize, imagine and create an exciting picture of personal wealth and prosperity!
–    How to break out your comfort zone and raise the level of success you truly deserve!
–    The power of unstoppable self-esteem and how you can get it now! (Why you must have high self-esteem if you want to become super-wealthy)
–    The proven QLA formula that creates stunning fortunes for tycoons, titans, and multi-millionaires in record time!
–    A simple technique for thinking like Dan that allows you to instantly tap into moneymaking opportunities anytime anywhere!
–    The single, most common characteristic that all super-successful people have – and why you’ll never become a millionaire without this crucial lesson!
–    A revolutionary idea about goal setting that goes against all the “experts” advice!
–    The ultimate secret Dan used to completely dominate his industry during a recession… while everyone else was going out of business!
–    How to create winning leverage in any business and create massive profits!
–    The biggest mistakes almost every entrepreneur makes and how it virtually kills your chances for success!
–    How to set up your business 5to give you freedom to live the life of your dreams! (Unless you’re planning to work until your drop dead, you better have an exit strategy in place!)
–    The unconventional, business-building strategies behind the success of Great Western Resources, Inc. and how you can duplicate it for yourself!
–    How to use the power of “Quantum Thinking” to exponentially grow your business and multiply your current profits – FAST!\And so much more! There’s just too much to list!

We’ve even recorded ALL THE FAQ sessions — so you have the advantage of listening to the attendees’ questions and Dan’s answers over and over again!


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