Dan Sullivan - The Gratitude Principle [10 MP3]

Dan Sullivan – The Gratitude Principle [10 MP3]

Based on Dan Sullivan’s 25-plus years of working with highly successful entrepreneurs, The Gratitude Principle™ is a poignant reminder to the fortunate that it is vital to include proactive gratitude as a part of everyday life. Learn why you need to be grateful, plus the tools and concepts to actually make it happen. The workbook included makes it easy to develop the habit of transforming your gratitude into actions that will create more meaning and value in your life with an investment of only a few minutes a day.

Review from Amazon:

I received this casette about 10 years ago and was truly inspired. It reinforced mt belief in what you put out there is returned to you. Without gratitude for what you have, and this helps you to see that you really do have a lot, you do not get ahead. This will help you see that you should be joyful for what you have, and that you control that. It will also show you that wants are just that – wants.


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