Dan Thies – Link Liberation

Dan Thies – Link Liberation

They are the go to people for many people in the SEO industry and SEO companies use their services for their clients. The question needs to be asked what is the course that they create all about and more importantly how can it help you?

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Link Liberation by Dan Thies and Leslie Rohde is a fundamental process into the development of any SEM or SEO campaign. Their years of experience and insight into the way the search engines rankings work is an outstanding amount of knowledge.

To answer this question you first have to have a look at where are you at. What stage of your internet journey are you. If you have a website that is currently online then the course can be a great benefit and help increase your linking which importantly increases your rankings. Remember not all backlinks are equal and this is the difference that you will learn.

If you are advanced with your online marketing this course will certainly help, in fact after I completed the first linkliberation course I managed to secure a job with the number one ranked job website in their development strategy department using the principles if link liberation. You may ask yourself how this compares to your own business. If I can put this into perspective, this was a company that employs an entire department and has multiple firms that do their search engine optimisation and search engine marketing, therefore to make difference you had to be above the cut.

From my personal experience from completing the first course it definitely helped me. You do need to be committed to obtaining outcomes and know that nothing will come from just wishing. In saying this Dan Thies and Leslie Rohde have designed the link liberation course to ensure maximum benefit through a step by step stage to identify and produce links to be successful. The best part about this years course comes with a software they developed that covers their methodology of obtaining links and you can ensure that link building is a lot simpler than the old manual process.

If you are just starting out this may not be for you, if you are well organised and can manage your time which is also taught in the course this can definitely be a great advantage especially if you are wanting the first movers advantage. According to SeoMoz it is estimated that 70% of you ranking is driven by the right backlinks. Have fun and all the best to your success.

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