Daniel Hall & Tony Laidig – Real Fast Derivative Products

Daniel Hall & Tony Laidig – Real Fast Derivative Products

Name Product: Daniel Hall & Tony Laidig – Real Fast Derivative Products

Sale Page: http://realfastderivativeproducts.com/

Price: $97

“Use The Secrets of Walt Disney, Universal Studios and Other Media Giants to Create Profitable Info-Products Fast!”

From the Desks Tony Laidig & Daniel Hall

Public domain rocks!

And in the last several years my friend Tony Laidig and I have put out some of the best trainings on the planet on how to make and profit from public domain products.

Fact is Tony and I both preach that one of the best ways to use public domain information is by making derivative products from it.

We generally explain to our students that you make a derivative product by starting with public domain and adding your own content to it.   That is, we stress to add your own value and insights to the content so the resulting product is something brand new and different.

Even with this explanation one of the most frequently asked questions we get is…

“How much original content needs to be added in order to make the new product ‘derivative’?”

Or a variation on the question…

“How do we make derivative products from public domain content?”

While these are great questions that we will answer in due course perhaps the better question to ask is “WHY” make derivative products in the first place?

I can assure you there are very good reasons.


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