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Dave Kaminski - Camtasia 8 JumpStart Video Tutorials + AVCHD Converter Software

Dave Kaminski – Camtasia 8 JumpStart Video Tutorials + AVCHD Converter Software

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Thanks to inquisitor who originally shared it elsewhere. Original total size is 2.99GB, I’ve optimize all files with same visibility to 725MB.
This was a 2012 course but it is still very useful as he walks through most of the key functions of Camtasia 8. Haven’t tested the software which converts AVCHD format to mp4, someone who tests it later please report back.

You probably already use Camtasia…or at the very least, you’ve heard of it. It’s the #1 software in the world when it comes to making screencast videos (recording videos of what you’re doing on your computer screen…like the video of a PowerPoint presentation).

And a big reason for that popularity is it’s ease of use. With Camtasia, creating screencast videos is dead-simple. But using it to create videos like the one above? Impossible. Camtasia simply does not have the power, features or flexibility to do it.

That is until now. With the recent release of Camtasia 8 for Windows everything has changed.

The software has literally been rebuilt from the ground up. The limitations that made it “screencast only software” have been completely removed.

What does this mean for you?

It means making great videos just got a whole lot easier. Instead of having to buy, learn and use different software to make different types of videos, you can now use Camtasia to quickly and easily create just about any type of video you want…whether it’s screen recordings, traditional on-camera video, a mixture of both and more.

But how do you take advantage of the powerful new features in Camtasia 8? How do you eliminate the learning curve? And how do you use it to create killer “real world” videos like the one above? That’s where we come in…

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