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Dave Kaminski - Flip Camera Secrets

Dave Kaminski – Flip Camera Secrets

Dave Kaminski of Web Video University fame, brings you his latest mini-course.

Discover Everything You Need to Know to Shoot Killer video with Your Flip-style Camera In Under An Hour!

Learn To Shoot Fabulous Video With Your Flip-style Camera

So you have a Flip-style pocket camera. These little cameras are dead-simple to use…you just press a big button and you’ve got video. But maybe your video doesn’t look as good as you’d like it to. Or maybe the audio sounds bad. Or maybe you see other videos on the Internet and wonder why you can’t make your videos look as good.

Well, we can help…we can show you how to get killer video out of your Flip-style camera. We can show you step by step. And even better, we can show you everything you need to know in under one hour.

How Is This Possible?

It’s through our exclusive, step by step video training lessons (over a dozen of them)…all made specifically for showing you how to shoot fantastic video with your Flip-style camera. You probably already watch plenty of videos on the Internet. Our videos works the same way…except you’ll be watching professionally produced, high-definition videos…available on-demand…that show you step by step how to shoot killer video with your Flip-style camera.

And you can learn everything you need to know in under an hour (hey wait a minute…under an hour…how is that possible?)

It’s because we cut out all the fluff and filler from our videos…and get straight to the point…telling you only what you need to know (while eliminating everything you don’t). For you that means you don’t need to spend days watching videos that ramble on endlessly and put you to sleep. Instead, you can discover how to shoot fabulous looking videos in just one evening.

Here’s a closer look at just a few of the secrets you’ll discover:

How to create perfect lighting for your Flip-style camera using items already laying around your house
Do-it-yourself tricks for steady, smooth video without using bulky or expensive tripods
How to get the best looking video when shooting outdoors
How to get the best looking video when shooting indoors
How to get the best looking video when shooting with a green screen (like the TV weather person)
How to make the audio from your Flip-style camera sound 100% better
3 simple techniques that instantly (and dramatically) improve the video from any Flip-style camera
Plus much more


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