Dean Somerset - Ruthless Mobility

Dean Somerset – Ruthless Mobility

Discover Cutting Edge Techniques that Will Help You and Your Clients Move Better, Increase Performance, Create Explosive Strength, Resolve Pain and Prevent Injuries in As Little As 6-Hours Without the Need for Any Equipment.

Your Guide to Unlock Your Bodys Potential To Help Reach All of Your Physical & Movement Goals

What is Ruthless Mobility
Some people are born with the bone and joint alignment to be human versions of Gumby, and some are not. That doesnt mean you should exist within the confines of a body with less range of motion than a clam. There are quick and easy ways to see massive increases in range of motion, and I want to show them to you.
This seminar goes through the most cutting edge techniques, science and application to increase range of motion without surgery or other invasive procedures. Taking advantage of optimal centration, neural affect, and breathing techniques to target in on limitations, as well as some additional active drills to help speed the process can help take you from stiff as a board to near Van Damme levels of flexibility, all in record time. Did I mention no static stretching required

What you will discover in Ruthless Mobility:
– Learn different methods of developing muscle tension and how it can reduce range of motion, and also how to can facilitate increasing range of motion when used properly
– How to identify and address common issues for developing mobility, featuring structural, soft tissue, neural and protective tension
– A variety of foam rolling, breathing, active mobilization, static stretching, traction, co-stabilization and tac & stretch modalities will be discussed, including neural effect, structural effect, and soft tissue alterations of each technique
– Self myofascial release and its role in increasing range of motion, as well as what it doesnt do
– Key cueing and coaching of modality exercises
– Neurophysiology of stretching
– Fear & anxiety and their roles in stiffness
– Application of different stressors to elicit stretch reflex loops
– Case studies highlighting common problems encountered in the gym population and how to solve them.

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