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 Debbie Fumanti with Love Your Life Experience

Are You Ready to Learn the Secrets to Manifest Abundance,

Create Wealth and Spark Your Passion?

Experience 26 Exciting Mastery Calls

on How You Can Take Your Life and Finances to the Next Level!

It’s time to turn your personal economy around and go

from Doubt and Debt to Dollars and Delight !$!$!$!

We’re having a Money, Miracles, and Manifestation Party,

and You’re Invited!!!

At any Given Moment there is the opportunity to change everything with a single decision.
– Raphael Love

This is YOUR Moment…

Do You Know… that you have a Rich and a Poor Brain?

Discover what blocks you from Moving forward with your Knowledge and Talent.

• Learn how to quickly identify and change the subconscious energies that influence your behaviors,
reactions and the events, situations and people you draw and magnetize into your life
• Shift your perspective to allow for new levels of success and manifest the physical emotional ,financial,
and spiritual resources your soul deserves
• Have confidence in meeting any situation or adversity through knowing you can find a solution
• Find the answer to this question: Why are you stuck with money?
• Release and Unleash the untapped resources that are available to everybody?
• Ignite your passion to pull you almost magically and effortlessly into the life that is calling for you!

Take Charge and Turn Around Your Personal Economy – Now is Your Time!

Meet the Speakers:

• KaseyBrad – Fast Track to Enlightenment
• Lisa Barnett – Transform Your Limiting Money Beliefs
• Dr. Robert Pease – Grow Your Wealth by Numbers
• Andrea Woolf – Ignite Your Life!
• Dr. Symeon Rodger – 21 Days to Mastering AND LOVING the Manifesting Process, Especially if You’ve Failed Before!
• Margo Mateas – From Destitute to Destiny
• Kimberley Lovell – Shift Your Consciousness and SHINE
• Krystalya Marie – Sacred Power Symbols for Rapidly Manifesting Your Desires
• KaseyBrad and Julius – Seven Seals of Consciousness
• Cari Murphy – Claiming Soul Driven Success, Amplifying Your Inner Worth and Outer Wealth!
• Chief Robert and Terri TallTree – Mindshift! Wouldn’t It Be Amazing If The Key to Your Breakthrough Was as Easy as 1-2-3
• Jeneth Blackert – 12 Clearing Codes to Receiving The Yumminess of Wealth in Through Your Infinite Body and Being
• Ellen Violette – How To Share Your Passion, Purpose and Message With eBooks!
• Katrina Sawa – Love Yourself Successful
• Nick Halik – How To Make Every Day a Sunday, Escape The 9-5 Rut and Live On Massive Passive CashFlow
• Nan Akasha – Flip Your Rich Switch, 26 Days to More Money. The push button system for reprogramming your Mind for Success
• Merrie Lynn Ross – Crack Open the “Happy Code”!
• Margo Mateas – Gain Unprecedented Clarity on Your Life, Career and Love Issues
• Debbie Fumanti – From Here To There!
• Gina Gaudio-Graves – Turn Your Passion into Profits by Building a Business That Transforms Lives
• KaseyBrad and Julius – Fast Track Yourself (lesson 6)
• Dr. Robert Pease – Create Your Perfect Joy
• Marilyn Alauria – Tapping into the Power of your Soul
• Victor Da Ponte – Abundance Manifested Now
• Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard – Your Summer SOULstice Money Mag(net)Ic Activation With Archangel Michael, Isis and Sage!
• Moira Shepard – Return to Your Natural State of Abundant Love, Money and Freedom

“I’ve learned that one of the best ways to create massive changes in my life, my energy, my habits, my behaviors, and my ‘patterns’ is to open myself up to what I call ‘the reception of wisdom’- it is the key to unlocking and allowing in all the good life has to offer! One of the BEST ways I have experienced in learning how to do this- is to surround myself with wise,loving,inspiring, and practical people.”

“To listen to what they are sharing, and then to listen to the wisdom over and over and over again. By listening to wisdom and inspiring and high level energetic messages over and over again, it allows me to upload the inspirational wisdom directly into MY life! THEIR uplifting, heart-centered, grounded wisdom becomes a part of mine! In other words when I listen to great teachers the Wisdom that rings true for me, becomes part of My Wisdom. Wisdom that is useable- ‘the reception of wisdom’ in the form of Inspiration, Knowledge, Tools and Processes – Wisdom that sometimes may activate and download within immediately! Wisdom that rings true and activates me to be more of me! The me I want to be!”

“I wish all of this for you too! As my friend Terri Talltree and also my friend Sage told me recently…
you can change from Sh*t happens to SHIFT Happens!!!” ~ Debbie Fumanti

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