Derek Allen – Targeted Viral video Marketing

Derek Allen – Targeted Viral video Marketing

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Author: Derek Allen
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Contagious is a documented, step by step blueprint that lays out exactly how I’m able to get tons of traffic, shares, and email subscribers by using something I like to call “Targeted Viral Video Traffic“.

You can use this same strategy to get your feet wet and compete in any niche you can think of.
Inside You’ll Learn:

How to leverage the 4 main pillars of any video marketing campaign that helps me kill it with my videos. Once you start using my ‘Contagious Video Strategy’ you’ll have the potential to dominate almost any online niche or help your offline clients crush their competition with highly targeted videos that can go viral very quickly.
Inside I Break It Down Into 10 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Quick Niche Market Research

You’ll learn how to identify a niche market and jump into it within just a few minutes. You can use this with any niche you want but it’s deadly effective with the big money niches.

Step 2 : Identify What Your Market Wants

Finding and choosing a the perfect ‘thing’ that your market needs is the key here. You’ll learn what to give them, how to give it to them and most importantly, what not to give them in this step. This is the secret to causing a viral stir in your market. This is vital!

Step 3: Create Your Video

You’ll discover why you don’t need high dollar equipment to make compelling videos that people will gladly pass around. I’ll share with you my simple 3 step system to creating videos anywhere at anytime with anything you have on hand that will make people go bananas.

Step 4: Funnel Madness

Behind every good marketing campaign there’s a funnel. Except our funnel is easier to set up, builds your list better and can even spit a little profit at you from the beginning. You don’t need anything other than WordPress to set this simple but highly effective funnel up.

Step 5: Upload Your Video

The upload process I use is simple, but here is where I explain more about what you don’t need to do rather than what you need to do. This is much easier than the standard upload process.
Step 6: Get Ready To Go “Targeted Viral”

In this step you’ll learn the bread and butter of this entire strategy.
This is where you set your hook and begin to reel ‘em in. You’ll learn my best kept secret that no one else is using right now. You only have to do two 5 minute tweaks and you’re ready to rock.

Step 7: Traffic Time

Inside you’ll see some of the easiest traffic getting methods ever. The beauty here is that there’s no need to constantly seek out the traffic because after you follow this step, you’re done. All you’ll need to do now is let everyone else do the work for you!

Step 8: Build Your List

In this step I go over the some vital information to make sure that you can make the most from your new list. You don’t want to do this step wrong or you’ll have people un-subscribing faster than they subscribed.
Step 9 & 10: Profit, Rinse And Repeat

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