Derek Franklin - ReAction: Automate Successful Behaviors [4 ebooks(PDF)]

Derek Franklin – ReAction: Automate Successful Behaviors [4 ebooks(PDF)]

#1: THE dead-simple process for automating virtually any successful behavior

This is the foundation of the ReAction system, and it’s so easy to understand and learn that you can begin using it in minutes!
#2: How to use ReAction to begin a total transformation of how you think, speak, feel and act
I give you tons of examples of how to use ReAction in the real-world, along with detailed explanations of how and why they work
#3: A 3-Step ‘Get Your Butt In Gear’ Action Plan
Follow these 3 steps to begin using and benefiting from ReAction right away!
   The 3 Core Principles – These 3 principles, when combined, formulate one of the most powerful mindsets for achieving successful results that you’ll ever learn.
   The Power Of ‘Mini Plans’ – Yes, small things CAN change your behavior in significant ways – you’ll see how.
   The 3X Case Study – I’m going to share with you an experiment that demonstrates the real power of the ReAction system for creating some pretty startling results – it helped 91% of a group of people successfully complete an activity that most of us rarely succeed at doing!
   Our Unstoppable Internal Action Trigger – Each one us has an internal mechanism inside our brain that triggers us to take action automatically – it’s part of how we’re built. I’m going to show you how it works, and how to ‘hack’ into it to automate successful behaviors.
   The GREAT Barrier – There’s a barrier in your mind that you want to create in order to consistently achieve successful results – you’ll discover what it is, why it’s dangerous if you neglect it, and then I’ll teach you how to use ReAction to create it.
   The Awareness Side-Effect – Using ReAction consistently has a unique, positive side-effect on you that can literally change the way you see and interact with the world around you. I’ll point out to you what to expect when it it happens – it’s very cool!
   The ‘Learn It And Use It’ Success framework – So, you discovered a great new life strategy that is supposed to help you sleep, eat, or communicate better – what do you do after you’ve found it? You learn how to use ReAction to actually integrate and USE awesome strategies like this, so you can grow, improve, and benefit from them!
   And much more…
   Templates – So you can customize the program to fit your specific needs
   Tools – To motivate you to take action!
   Samples – To help you understand exactly how it works!


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