Design Your Life: Blueprint to Successful Goals

Design Your Life: Blueprint to Successful Goals

Design Your Life: Blueprint to Successful Goals

Name Product: Design Your Life: Blueprint to Successful Goals
Download Size: 6.1GB
COST: $20 = Yours Free
Author: The Change Element, Tim Bartlett, Steven Ma
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Course Description
Success doesn’t happen by accident, it’s intentional.
This course will teach you to create intentional goals that set you up for success and significance.

Design Your Life – the blueprint to successful goals was created by three people that were tired of the same old goal setting process. We had tried some of the biggest and best programs out there, but they all had two things in common.

1. They didn’t teach us HOW to execute. All the information in the world won’t help us if we don’t know how to strategically apply it to our everyday lives.

2. They weren’t sustaining. They got us excited and motivated for awhile, but that didn’t last long. Pretty soon it was back to reality and we were struggling to stay on track towards achieving our goals.

So we decided to put our noggins together and come up with our own system… and what do you know, we did it!

All three of us have used this system over the last year to accomplish more than we ever have in any prior year. No joke, this has been absolutely amazing. We knew that if it was working for us, then it would work for others as well. That means you! And you… and you… and all of you.

In this course you will have:
– 21 HD videos lectures
– 21 Downloadable mp3 files for each lecture
– 13 worksheets

You will learn to:
– Create goals that actually matter and will move you closer to the life you desire
– Implement the habits and routines that you need to achieve those goals
– Find the right partners that will encourage and support your success
– And so much more…

It’s time to punch procrastination in the face. It’s time to take control of your life. It’s time to design the future you want. It’s time to create BIG goals and to ACHIEVE them.

We are not just instructors in this course, we are your partners.

What are the requirements?
A willingness to learn and an open mind
A desire to achieve more
Eagerness to do the work
Be ready to take action
What am I going to get from this course?
21 HD Videos that are fun and engaging
21 High Quality mp3 downloads for each lecture
13 Worksheet that will help you dig into the process
Create and achieve purposeful goals that skyrocket personal success
Create the essential habits and routines you need to be more productive than ever
Find the right partners that will encourage you on your journey
Clearly articulate what your life’s purpose is
Understand the importance of your legacy
Make your own strategic goal plan, with a step by step process
Examine your past to understand what’s worked and what hasn’t
Learn a proven step-by-step process
Who is the target audience?
Start right away if you are ready to excel in the areas of life that excite you most
This course is for those that are driven to be more and to do more with their life
Take this course if you are tired of failure and you’re ready for success
You should NOT take this course if you’re not willing to improve and grow
Do NOT take this course if you don’t like self-development


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