Donna Gates - Body Ecology System

Donna Gates – Body Ecology System

Body Ecology System
Donna Gates and Lisa Garr have come together to offer you an exclusive, brand new video series that will finally and definitively give you the answers to some of your most pressing questions about proper nutrition, proper diet and food combining, and simple ways to permanently fix the inner ecosystem which influences your entire body. And, for the first time you’ll be able to see, first-hand, Donna and Lisa prepare some of the vitally important fermented foods that are the secret weapon in your fight against candida, weight gain, aging, hormone imbalance, infertility, intestinal distress and so much more.

Your Roadmap to Healing
The first information-packed video of this series starts with a detailed overview of the Body Ecology philosophy, system, science and goals. Donna Gates shares her personal struggle with candidiasis and the motivation for her quest to find a permanent solution that would work not just for her, but for anyone suffering from candida yeast overgrowth.

Reset Your Gut
How do you know if you have candida overgrowth and what can you do about it? The answers to these 2 critical questions are detailed in this highly informative video. It has been medically confirmed that 70% of Western population is considered to have candida overgrowth! Further, if you have ever been on any antibiotics, you MUST use this program to reclaim your health.

Hormones, Fatigue, Weight Gain and Aging, Oh My!
When your hormones get out of balance, you can experience anything from weight gain to fatigue to accelerated aging and more. So what role might the Body Ecology System play in addressing hormone imbalances? In this information-rich video Lisa Garr and Donna Gates go into great detail in their discussion.

Fertility & Creating a Healthy Baby
For anyone having trouble conceiving, this video provides crucial information to your understanding about what some of the possible underlying reasons may be. During this interview with Lisa Garr, Donna Gates provides important, clear and concise information.

Fermented Foods
It’s time to go into the kitchen with Lisa Garr and Donna Gates and learn, step by step, how to make fermented foods. In this instructional video Lisa and Donna share recipes and demystify the process by showing you exactly how to make the fermented foods that are so critical to your gut’s health, and delicious too!

Cooking for Optimal Health
Lisa Garr and Donna Gates put it all together for you in this second cooking video and show you, step by step, how to make a complete meal that supports your inner ecosystem. In this fun and informative video Lisa and Donna cook up some foundational recipes that will get you started on the right path toward radiate health and proper digestion.


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