[center]Dr Les Fehmi: Open Focus - Attention Training Exercises
[b]Dr Les Fehmi: Open Focus – Attention Training Exercises[/b]
Open Focus – Attention Training Exercises
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Excessive and prolonged stress, or the poor ability to cope with stress, can negatively affect everything in our lives: our health, relationships, job performance and emotional well-being. Open Focus is a practical and effective method for reducing stress-related symptoms and enhancing well-being, using principles developed in the field of biofeedback.

Open Focus practice helps to develop attentional skills, the most basic behavior in which we engage. Open Focus attention training encourages awareness of how you attend to the wide array of sensory experiences-and the space between those experiences. Learning to foster attention that is nonexclusive and nonjudgmental supports in integrating your experiences with openness and flexibility.

These techniques will help you relieve stress, manage physical pain, regulate emotions, and set the stage for peak performance and transcendent moments. Practiced regularly, they can bring about dramatic changes in your life.

OPEN FOCUS is a method taught by the Princeton Biofeedback Centre, LLC to reduce stress related symptoms andenhance well-being, using principles developed in the field of electroencephagraphic (EEG) biofeedback, now called neurofeedback.
OPEN FOCUS techniques can help relieve symptoms that you may not recognize as being stress related and can be beneficial to relieve physical and emotional discomfort and pain, anxiety and other performance deficits; providing you with a greater sense of overall well-being.
The Open Focus attention training exercises exisit as a program. These exercises have been place in a certain order to facilitate the learning of Open Focus attention skills. Therefore, it is recommended that people purchase and practice the exercises in the order that is listed below, rather than skipping ahead to more advanced exercises. For best results, it is recommended that each exercise is practiced at least two times per day for one week before moving on to the next exercise. After spending a week with each exercise, feel free to practice whichever exercise produced the best results.

Level I
Introduction to Open Focus
Introduction to Open Focus Practice
Head and Hands
Long Form
Short Form
General Practice
Dissolving Physical and Emotional Pain

Level II
Dissolving Pain and Other Experience
Joint Space in Open Focus
Heart Centered Open Focus
Localizing Feeling, Emotion and Pain
How Am I Paying Attention?
Transfer of Open Focus to Daily Life

Level III
Feeling in Open Focus
Listening in Open Focus
Thinking in Open Focus
Seeing in Open Focus
Racquet Sports Training (can be used for all sports)
Independent Practice of Open Focus
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