Duncan Carver – The Ultimate Link Building Dossier

Duncan Carver – The Ultimate Link Building Dossier

Every affiliates and website owners knows that building incoming links is the central aspect to any successful SEO strategy if they want a boost to their websites or blogs. There are tons of products out there that teaches SEO and many of them are bad, even the worse is that they can actually do you more harm than good. So you see why I was skeptical about the Ultimate Link Building Dossier when I first took a look at it. But the reality is that this is a pretty darn good overview of SEO and the more I read the more I agreed with the author, Duncan Carver, on most of what he had to say. For that reason I decided to do a full review here.

The Ultimate Link Building Dossier, Duncan Carver, is about 204 pages of distilled and very useful direction showing just how to do link building. The product is not a service or program that you join to get the daily tons of frustrating infos that lack basis, but rather an educational PDF that goes into almost every square inch of SEO. This course is not likely for the experienced or seasoned SEO professionals, but if you’re relatively new to SEO or even at an intermediate level, this is quality information that you will likely get a lot of value out of.
What Duncan Carver reveals in a nutshell:

How to build a long term link building system that you can virtually automate to generate thousands of links.
How to submit to web directories so that you get the most for your efforts. This is a very powerful technique.
Discover which two private blog networks give you the best results.
Get free automated software to submit to web directories.

Learn if page rank really is where it is at and what to watch for.
Find out how to leave blog comments and how to leverage your link building.
Get the tactics to submit articles to the directories and increase your link building tenfold.
Master link building from the social bookmarking websites.
Make the most of your blog posts and greatly increase your links, effortlessly.

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These tactics are all “white-hat”, no sneaky, half-baked ideas that can get you into trouble. Your links will be long term and stable, once you learn how to get them.
The theories behind the techniques are explained, giving you a great foundation for the future.
One thing I personally really like is that this entire approach is practical and made to work. Instead of focusing on complicated processes that take a lot of time and effort, you focus on the most effective methods.
One time I was obsessed with rounded corners on my background boxes. Then a successful marketer scolded me and told me I was missing the point. He was right!
If I had to buy only one manual for SEO strategies, it would be  The Ultimate Link Building Dossier, by Duncan Carver, without a doubt. For the price, it is a steal and will save you countless hours of wasted effort. It also comes with a 60 day guarantee.
I read a comment by one SEO expert, Dave Kelly, who has been in the SEO business ever since there was such a thing, and how he’s staked his reputation on this recommendation, that was enough boost for me!


This product is not for everyone as i said earlier. If you’re a seasoned SEO pro, you won’t likely find much new info here (that’s if you are a pro or guru). The fact is, if you’re a successful seasoned SEO pro, then you already know by now that it is more about action than knowledge anyway. This e-book is great for those that have been doing SEO and are yet to find their feet. No thanks for the complicating lectures. Also, its for anyone that is teaching themselves SEO and dabbling with it but wants to improve their knowledge and skill. This is the a ideal course, sound and clear. I have seen (and purchased) many courses and spent over $490 or maybe more, that didn’t offer the value like this course. I learned internet business the hard way, for me its a sorry! But don’t you be me. Give the Ultimate Link Building Dossier a read…


Many will object to the pricing – that’s pretty OK. But the fact is that, everything is relative.I bought mine at $147, it now goes for $97. Some will complain that it is expensive for an e-Book. I don’t feel that way. Many SEO firms charge from $250 to about $400 for one hour of consultation. Also, you have to really step back and be realistic about pricing. It’s easy to dismiss this as being expensive, but ask yourself how much money you are wasting now by not taking the course and getting to know what you don’t know? Many SEO tools and subscriptions site charge ranges from $47 to $147 a month. Personally, I feel the price is a bargain and I have no issue with the price point. One can check on SEO program site for pricing and then compare. Plus don’t forget the delivery!


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