Easy Azon – Commission Blueprint

Easy Azon – Commission Blueprint

The internet marketing community is eagerly awaiting the release of Commission Blueprint 2 on 9th September 2009. Commission Blueprint was one of the most popular courses in the internet marketing industry since its launch in 2008.

Steven Clayton and Tim Godfrey demonstrated how they made over $100,000 in about a month by just selling one Clickbank product. Even Clickbank used Commission Blueprint?s success for their promotion. Nothing says success than to have Clickbank give Commission Blueprint credibility and the recognition of success.

That?s why the release of Commission Blueprint 2 has the internet marketing community up in buzz. Commission Blueprint 2 still teaches about making money online with affiliate marketing. However, this time it not only covers Clickbank, but also covers CPA, Commission Junction, Amazon and many more. The course will show you how to make about $1000 a day from affiliate marketing.

For me, the excitement about Commission Blueprint 2 is that it covers affiliate marketing with CPA. You can easily make a few dollars just by having someone enter a zip code or an email for a CPA ad. CPA can make you a lot of money very fast. There?s a well know guy in the internet marketing industry making over $100,000 a day with CPA offers. The problem with CPA is that it is not easy to get accepted into a CPA network. With CB2 you don?t have to worry about this. A CPA network is included with CB2. This alone makes CB2 worth getting.

Another difference with Commission Blueprint 2 is that it no longer just relies on Adwords to get traffic. It will teach you more on getting free traffic to your site, such as using article marketing (using Article Blueprint) and the social media networks. Adwords strategy is still covered. It includes timely strategy on how to overcome the latest Google slap for review sites and landing pages.

The problem with the first Commission Blueprint was lots of PPC tasks had to be done manually. In Commission Blueprint 2 this problem is overcome with lots of software to automate campaign creation and tracking.

I was very impressed with the included software in Commission Blueprint 2. It includes Hippo Jaw, Article Blueprint, Keyword Blueprint, Ad Spy, Site Builder, and Serpy Tool. Again, Tim and Steve over delivered with CB2 by including these valuable software.

I did get the chance to test out Article Blueprint. Article Blueprint is both an article spinner and an article submitter. It is an useful article marketing software that can help you to get back links and traffic to your websites. The only thing is that it doesn?t submit to Ezinearticles, so you have to do it separately. However, it does support Goarticle and many other high PR article sites.

Article Blueprint lets you spin an article to make many unique different articles that you can submit to the article directories. I tested Article Blueprint with 2 articles. Each 500 words article took about half an hour to spin. It took about a day for the articles too get approved and another day for the articles to start getting listed on the directories. After a week, I checked my articles on Google with my unique pen name. Google found about 120 postings. I can see now that Article Blueprint will be a very useful software for getting traffic and back links.

Here?s a glimpse of what?s covered in Commission Blueprint 2:
– keyword research (using Keyword Blueprint and Market Samurai),
– finding the right affiliate products to promote,
– creating landing pages and conversion websites,
– how to get affiliate sales and conversion techniques,
– Search engine optimization (SEO on page and off page),
– Pay per click and Adwords strategies,
– how to use social network sites to get traffic (Squidoo, Hubpage, WordPress.com, Zimbo, etc.),
– Article marketing (using Article Blueprint software),
– Email marketing, list building, and many more?





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