Eating Psychology Conference 2014 Marc David

Eating Psychology Conference 2014 Marc David

Welcome to the world premier online event on eating psychology for everyone!   Listen in as over 40 plus experts share their wisdom and insights.

Be exposed to cutting edge ideas that can help you take a big leap forward in your understanding of weight, body image, overeating, binge eating, endless dieting, emotional eating, nutrition, health, personal transformation and more.

We’re taking an approach that honors all of who we are as eaters –  body, mind, heart and soul.

The world is ready for a powerful and positive new conversation  when it comes to the science and psychology of eating.

Meet the Eating Psychology Conference Experts in Eating Psychology Conference 2014 Marc David

Pre-event Information sessions:
• Marc David – Who is Marc David?
• Emily Rosen – Who is Emily Rosen?
• Marc David – 5 Super Important Questions to Ask Yourself About Food
• Emily Rosen – The Metabolic Power of the Throat
• Marc David – How to Understand All of Nutritional Science
• Emily Rosen – 2 Unexpected Tips for a Powerful Digestion
• Marc David – Are You a Sensitive Nutritional Soul?
• Emily Rosen – What is Emotional Metabolism?
• Marc David – Food, Money and Power
• Emily Rosen – Food and Intimacy
• Marc David – 9 Great Ways to Feed Your Brain
• Emily Rosen – Insight into Appetite

Day 1 sessions:
• Marc David – A New View of Eating Psychology
• Dr. Mark Hyman – A Doctor’s View of Food, Nutrition, and Health
• Amy Pershing – The Psychology of Binge Eating
• Thomas Moore – A Soulful Approach to Food
• Jessica Ortner – Tapping Meets Eating Psychology
• Dr. David Perlmutter – New and Daring Insights into Brain Health
• John Assaraf – Mastering Your Mindset
• Isabelle Tierney – If You Don’t Dare to Love Your Body, Who Will?
• John Robbins – A Heartfelt Understanding of Food, Planet and Soul
• Dr. Sara Gottfried – A Deeper Look at Hormones and Sacred Chemistry
• Jon Gabriel – The Psychobiology of Weight
• Lindsey Averill – Fattitude: An Empowering Look at Fat

Day 2 sessions:
• Guðni Gunnarsson – A Deeper Look into Nourishment
• Andrea Nakayama – Functional Nutrition, Love and Emotions
• Ana Forrest – Yoga, Addiction, Food and Embodiment
• Dr. Alan Christianson – A New View of Metabolism
• Trudy Scott – Transform Anxiety and Cravings with Amino Acids and More
• Tom Malterre – A Deeper Look at Nutrition, Life and True Healing
• Aimee Liu – The Journey Home from Anorexia
• Sayer Ji – Exciting Research in Nutrition and Food
• Deborah King – Energy Healing
• Meghan Telpner – A Beautiful Relationship with Food
• Dr. Hyla Cass – A Psychiatrist Looks at Food Addiction

Day 3 sessions:
• Dr. John Spencer Ellis – Lifestyle Design and Personal Excellence
• Dr. Srini Pillay – A Psychiatrist’s Heartfelt Approach to Habit Change
• Donna Gates – The Gut Microbiome
• Golda Poretsky – Celebrating the Body at Every Size
• Daniel Vitalis – The Psychology of Husbandry and Developing the Feral Mindset
• JJ Virgin – Reclaiming Health with the Virgin Diet
• Dave Asprey – The Bulletproof Perspective
• Dr. Deanna Minich – Food and Spirit
• Dr. Tom O’Bryan – Getting Real About Gluten
• Connie Sobczak – The Body Positive Approach
• Paul Chek – Energy, Chemistry, Hydration, and Organisms

Day 4 sessions:
• Janet Podleski – Reclaiming Cooking, Food, and Laughter
• Meggan Watterson – Getting Spiritually Naked
• Sarah Ballantyne – Insights from the Paleo Mom
• Dr. Mark Schwartz and Lori Galperin – A Broader View of Eating Disorders
• Dr. Susan Albers – Mindfulness and Eating
• Dr. Martin Rosen – Neuroplasticity and Personal Change
• Dr. Michael T. Murray – 10 Commandments for Healthy Weight Loss
• Matt Stone – A Man’s Journey with Eating Psychology
• Linda Paterson – Gut and Psychology Syndrome
• Dr. Frank Lipman – The Heart of Functional Medicine
• Amara Pagano – Movement, Embodiment, and the Power of Dance

Day 5 sessions:
• Dr. Brian Mowll – A Mind Body Soul Approach to Diabetes
• Izabella Wentz – The Importance of Thyroid Health
• Yuri Elkaim – Reclaiming Your Energy
• Joe Cross – Rebooting the Body
• Roy Nelson – Emotional Healing
• Ian Lawton – The Spiritual Journey
• Fall Ferguson – Health at Every Size
• Dr. Pedram Shojai – A Life of Vitality
• Emily Rosen – Mind Body Nutrition
• Marc David – Beyond Mindful Eating

Eating Psychology Conference 2014 Marc David About your hosts:

Marc David is the Founder of both the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and the Institute for Conscious Sexuality and Relationship, a leading visionary, teacher and consultant in Nutritional Psychology, and the author of the classic and best-selling works Nourishing Wisdom and The Slow Down Diet. His work has been featured on CNN, NBC and numerous media outlets. His books have been translated into over 10 languages, and his approach appeals to a wide audience of eaters who are looking for fresh, inspiring and innovative messages about food, body and soul. The Institute for the Psychology of Eating is the world’s only teaching organization dedicated to a forward thinking, positive, holistic approach to nutritional psychology. IPE is unique and revolutionary in its approach[/color] – teaching students and professionals how to effectively work with the most common eating challenges of our times in their internationally acclaimed Eating Psychology Coach Certification Training. The Institute also features cutting edge programs for the public. Learn more here:

Emily Rosen is the Director of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and founder of the Institute for Conscious Sexuality and Relationship, where she oversees business development strategies, student affairs, marketing and public relations. With an extensive and varied background in nutritional science, counseling, natural foods, the culinary arts, conscious sex education, mind body practices, business management and marketing, Emily brings a unique skill-set to her role as a consultant to corporate and professional clientele. She has been a long-term director and administrator for Weight Loss Camps and Programs serving teens and adults and has held the position of Executive Chef at various retreat centers. Her passion for health and transformation has provided her the opportunity to teach, counsel, manage, and be at the forefront of the new wave of professionals who are changing the way we understand the science and psychology of eating and sexuality.



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